Salvation 60% from / Salvun

The Salvation is a new 60% leaf spring / tray mount keyboard from and Salvun. It’s running as an unlimited group buy from April 4th to May 5th on NovelKeys for $295. What are everyone’s thoughts?


upgraded kbdfans 5 degree :))


What’s a leaf spring/tray mount and how does it differ from a gasket mount? Are there notable sound or feel differences?


As far as I know, the leaf spring refers to the cutouts in the plate which offers some flex.
image .

You could theoretically obtain the same result with a half plate + flex pcb.


But I might be mistaking considering this note from their page.

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Correct, instead of a typical leaf-spring keyboard like we’ve seen in the thermal, where the leaf springs are a part of the plate itself, this looks like a tray mount where you physically screw into these adjustable leaf springs, thus giving a different kind of “bounce” when you type on it.


This will be my backup in case I don’t get lucky with the Polaris extras in March-April

Interesting… I can’t tell if this will be awesome or really underwhelming, I guess we’ll find out, its got a good chance of taking off given the runners. Glad to see Salvun branching out from more traditional mounting styles though.

This is a very clever leaf spring technique, that makes it compatible with most if not all 60% pcb available in the market.

Apiary Keyboards made a prototype assembly recently on Twitch
You should look at the stream, it is very interesting:

Looks like Wilba is behind the leaf spring design, and he knows its shit as he designed the Thermal :wink:

Note that Geon also recently developped a rather similar approach with its Vanquish65 keyboard.
The leaves also seat under the pcb, but needs a custom PCB to work.

I love innovation …


shit im in this looks lit


I also like this feature of this keyboard.


Yes it is.
Also the case design is very well done, allowing to machine it quickly and cheaply (straight lines and only 45 degree angles for exemple).
Salvun will be able to produce them at a very fast pace, hence the low price.

Note that the Thermal had also its ‘ease of machinability’ in mind that explained the rather low cost of the board.


I am definitely joining in on the Salvation. I think it is unique, the design of the case is good - nothing too crazy, and the price so far is looking good! Just thinking which colours I should go for…

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Yeah, this is a must buy for me


this looks nuts! ive never done a gb so this might be my first.

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Considering how unique the Thermal typing feel is, I’m looking forward to trying this one as well.

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Interesting mounting idea. The price point is also affordable. I will join the Gb for sure

Nice to see people trying things other than just gasket this, gasket that.