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Hi guys,

Using Keyboard Layout Editor (, make your favourite layout and share it here. Be creative!

This is my favourite layout:


Oh sweet, an opportunity to share some of my silly musings. I’ve spent a bit of time over the last year or so playing around with KLE when I’m bored. Here are some highlights.

The first is a split ortho with similar keycap compatibility to 60%. Nothing too novel if you’re familiar with the FoldKB, but with arrow keys similar to the Planck.

The second is an inside-out 60% with mirrored inward/upward stagger on the alphas. Probably the least practical of my designs, but none the less an interesting thought exercise.

And last but not least, a compact TKL. This is actually the one that is most likely to come to fruition. TKLs have a special place in my heart and I also like space saving but I do like some kind of blockers around the arrow keys and a segmented F-row. Ideally the corner of the plate/case below the down arrow would be cut off.


This monstrosity of a thing which i then coloured to gmk apollo cos i was bored. I might actually try making this out of wood as well as a little project.


Interesting design on the arrow cluster. However I don’t know if we can adapt to that angled design. I’d personally like a normal arrow cluster moved up 1u. How is that to you?

This would be ideal for playing isometric games!
:arrow_upper_left::arrow_lower_left::arrow_lower_right::arrow_upper_right: is the new WASD

Much like the Amiga and DEC LK201/401 (moved up 1 row) and the Atari ST (moved up 2 rows). I enjoyed those layouts.

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I think things like that may exist already? That would certainly be more in line with the existing design language and layout of keyboards, but I’m more keen on making something that departs the typical offerings. Whether for better or worse (be it a sense of whimsical novelty or jarring disgust) its immediately apparent that This Is Not Like Other TKLs, and thats what appeals to me about this goofy arrow layout. I agree, its maybe not the most practical approach but I think thats why I can’t get the idea out of my head. You ever have ideas that you have to execute simply because your brain refuses to let go of them until you do? Like, I know this probably wont solve any of my keyboard quibbles but I can’t forget about it until I have it in front of me and can truly experience its unholiness first-hand. I don’t plan to design any kind of pcb/case or anything fancy like that but at some point I will have to send the .dxf of this plate and a matching bottom to a laser cutting service so I can hand wire a one-off of this layout.

Part of my thinking was also to position the arrows in such a way that the mouse hand could move to them while keeping the elbow in the same location and minimizing ulnar deviation, but the cut corner aesthetic is definitely a primary motivation.

Reminds me of the Hyper 7 : )

Can’t believe that didn’t cross my mind, that would be the perfect use case!

Konami code becomes :arrow_upper_left::arrow_upper_left::arrow_lower_right::arrow_lower_right::arrow_lower_left::arrow_upper_right::arrow_lower_left::arrow_upper_right::b::a::checkered_flag:


I’m a simple man, my favorite layout is a TKL with a numpad on the left.



This has been something I have been playing around with lately. I prefer a 65% layout, I am right handed, but because so many years of playing games with WASD, and the fact that my mouse is in my right hand when working, I would prefer to have my arrow keys and nav/function buttons on the left side of the keyboard. That way I don’t need to reach across my keyboard with my left hand to use my arrow keys and nav buttons.

The only concern I have is the 1.25 left shift, as I touch type and use both my shift keys. I have been paying close attention to my left-shift-usage, and I only actually press the far right side of the left shift, so I think it would work.


That’s cool! Sort of a southpaw type of 65%. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before. I think it would also work well with the under-represented 70% layout as well, which would allow for a full size left shift (even if just for the sake of keycap compatibility).


I have that layout in my keyboard editor as well, but I never use that many extra keys. I kept going back and forth on “why not add extra keys it can’t hurt” versus the compact layout.

But now that you mention it, my mouse is on my right side, so extending the layout on the left doesn’t have much of an impact, AND it solves the 1.25 shift problem.



Ortho compact(ish) 75%, WIP name, used to be 86 keys, added a macro row and moved the knob to the objectively ergonomically superior left side, now 92 keys, thinking something related to uranium because it’s element 92.

gmmk pro loosely inspired layout, mainly out of spite towards blockers and arrow clusters that hang down like on the gmmk pro but this one being basically a full size, it’s kinda a vibe now.

also, l o n g b a c k s p a c e

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Interesteteing! This is something I like except the macro keys.

Just came up with an idea of a compact layout with numpad and OLED. As I find numpad are good for quick number input, but I don’t usually use calculator inputs (-+/*), so I got rid of those keys and replace them with Del, Home and End instead (can still be remapped).

For a compact layout, the Enter key is already close to the number cluster, so there’s no reason to add an extra Enter to the right.

Lock key should be multi functional (For example: Numlock on layer 1, Scroll lock on layer 2, Print screen on layer 3).


I’m not-so-patiently waiting for this Zenith-like 77%

My new fetish is having the home row keys dead-ass center. See the Zenith below with the horizontal center marked, right in between G and H:

I don’t like how on a traditional 60% the hands rest off to the left a bit, and on full-size boards the offset is even more pronounced. If you compensate by moving the board to the right, it pushes the mouse even further into right field. (I get that this is really only an issue for right-handed folks. Maybe it’s a boon to lefties!)

I feel like I need to have this layout in my life.

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