Shine Appreciation Thread

Love it or hate it, shine is the badge of a well-used keyboard.

There are pure PBT keycaps, ones that are shiny to begin with, or even polished ones - but for the rest, their shine tells a story.


This is my work keyboard, and atop it sits the only GMK set I’ve ever gone all-in for, making it the most I’ve ever thrown at keycaps in one go by a large margin. As far as I’m concerned, this is the purpose they were made for. My field is Prepress, it’s GMK Prepress, come on of course it’s my work set. I’ve got other bits of plastic I can seal in a curio cabinet one of these days if I really want to.

In the photo above you can probably tell there’s a shiny spot on the space bar - but normal exposure doesn’t do it justice.

There we go.

When I look at that, I see all the productive stuff (and slacking off) I’ve done using this keyboard I put together for work - I dunno, it reminds me of my musician friend talking about looking at a worn guitar they’ve been playing for years. It’s worn, but it also wears its history, and I think that’s kinda cool.

How about you folks? I know at least one of you can get down with some natural, emergent wearing-away of texture.

Show us your shine!


Shine is beautiful. I consider it analogous to copper patina or weathering on quality leather products.

My DMG kit has some pretty good shine, but it’s not in rotation anymore since I’ve moved to topre. Even still, it’s fun to see the heavy rotation stock topre pbt sets start to wear and the spacebar in particular starting to shine.

I’ll try to nab a photo in the morning.

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I really just want 100% shiny keycaps. Give me that gloss finish!


that’s why I wanna get some of these:

These are the blank black glossy. Not sure if I want the black or smoke though. I think the Smoke would let more of the stem show through underneath, which I like. But that one is out of stock. These are the newer release from Lelelabs that are supposed to be super clear (crystal)




I’m typing on these now. As someone who has actually tried sanding and polishing some extra GMK caps just for the shine, I am really digging Clear 2048.



Really looks perfect on that grid60. Stunning.

JTK HSA Beige on Brown - pre-shined!


Ya’ll gunna make me put my HSA BoW set bac on my board when I get home tonight! :heart_eyes:

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Not as a result of my own usage but I plan to continue contributing to it.


Some subtle PBT shine on my PBTfans Purpolch set. i’m still not convinced that KBDFans is actually using pure PBT, but oh well.


Well, I believe it’s pretty established that pbtFans uses abs in alot of there caps(mainly the ones that looks good)

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yes, but they state that those sets are ABS. some of their sets are sold as being PBT, like the purpolch set. but i highly doubt that it’s just PBT. i assume that it’s an ABS-PBT blend (hence why they are probably using the same molds for both) but they aren’t disclosing it


Finally got around to it…

JTK HSA on Arc60

So shiny, I don’t want to type on it and mess it up, but I do love the comfy scoop of this profile…