Shutting down my laser work... at least for now

Hello my friends,

For anyone contacting me for laser work, I just wanted to say, I’ve just had a terribly emotional life change - the kind that I may never be quite the same again, and at least for now I’ll be shutting down my laser. Those who have open work orders already, I will be contacting you all one by one. I will be finishing some smaller / easy / quick jobs, and I will be refunding and cancelling others. I deeply apologize if this affects your existing or plans for future orders in a negative way.

Standard Kayak case orders are only going to be temporarily on hold, it’s primarily custom designs that I will be turning down. I will be taking at least a week off before I begin accepting Kayak orders again.

For now I wish everyone the best - if you’re curious about the “why” please feel free to reach out to me privately, but I may be hard to get in touch with for a while.

Keep on clacking, never give up the dream to find your endgame (ENDGAME IS A LIE!), and most of all stay awesome everyone.

~Josh aka thebeephaha aka the Plugable rep


Sounds rough, best of luck

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Take care of yourself! Hope all is well and keep on clacking.

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Love ya man. Hope you will pull out ahead in the end with whatever you are going through. :heart:

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Good luck to you. I’ve always admired your work and was even start-struck when I saw that you were at one of Seattle’s meet-up’s.

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Best of luck, I hope everything is well and goes well!

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