Some draft layouts

I have some layouts that I want to know what you think about them. :smiley:

  • TNM40
This is a one-hand-keyboard, designed for users of softwares like AutoCAD, Photoshop… one hand to use keyboard and other for mouse. This should increase productivity after user got familiar with it. (no scientific proofs for this, though :smirk: )
It also can function as a gaming keypad. With enough practice, you can sh**post with one hand (how cool is that? :rofl: ).

This board is in the work, one problem I can foresee is the legend printing on keycap. For an experienced user, like me, there is no problems with layers but for new user, it’s hard to learn using this board without proper legends.

  • TNR90

A gamer-centric board, or so I thought.
The bottom row looks good, imo, but I’m not sure about the 6u spacebar.

  • TNL105

A daily driver for anyone, I think.
I have been using a numpad on the left side for a while and I think it would be great to have some keys like ,, copy, paste so I extend the numpad a bit.

  • TNH110

I saw a prop keyboard here and draft up this layout.
I might build it for meme purpose. :joy: