Stabilzer Holee mod

Anyone heard of the Holee Mod and done it?

Hamaji shows it here and I admit its the first time I heard of it.

Has anyone tried it?


Neat! Kind of like Epsilon’s mod. I guess it would eliminate the need to relube your stabs over time.


I tried the holee mod with Equalz stabs and they didn’t fully return because their tolerances are so tight. I went back to a thick layer of 205g0 on the wire for now. I’d like to try Epsilon’s next!


Yea here is a breakdown of a few methods:


Same here with the c3


I have some durock v2 and will mod them this way for the lite67

I tried this mod out on my daily driver (durock v2 for the stabs) and its great! Im in love with my stabs


How’d it work out?

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Epsi’s mod is definitely the cleaner of two IMO. The Hoole mod with band aid just seems like a bad ideal as eventually the fibers from inside bandaid will start coming out & getting everywhere. I have yet to personally try either as I never have had any real issues just properly lubing my stabs, then refreshing as necessary. Although I do plan on giving the Epsi mod a try in my hotswap set sooner than later. Need to get some of that super thin double sided tape for this.


I had such good luck with the taeha tutorial and my c3 stabs I haven’t thought about trying something else yet.


Ohh thats interesting, that does seem cleaner after a quick search! I’ll have to try that next time. Thanks for mentioning the mod!


Still waiting for the keyboard. Once it’s here Ill do it and then report back here.

This looks like a lot of work. I think a simple lube job is probably easier IMO


I think the reasoning behind it is that it’ll require infrequent re-lubing or possibly no relubing of stabs/

With solder’ed boards, needing to relube the stabs are a pain in the butt (at least without a desolder gun). If I notice a stab getting rattle-y, then it really bugs me and I have to redo the board. =D
I’m getting some XHT-BDZ in tomorrow so I’ll be lubing some stabs with that to see how that goes in comparison to the usual Krytox205g0 lubing.


I hope it produces some Zeal level tolerances. I’m kind of done paying $30 plus shipping for a TKL set. They’re the best though and I’ve never had any issue with them.

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this is what I’m not understanding about the process, why do something that’s going to break down and need to be replaced? It sounds OK today and for a few years but eventually it’s going to just be a bunch of crud that has disintegrated inside the stabilizer.

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well there is still the option to go the way Rama proposes in their how to videos.
Shrinkwrap mod but making it cover the full stab:

EDIT: Has been attempted before, the heatshrink jams the stab:


I have had good experiences with applying 6 mm heat shrink right next to the bend in the stab wire, just like Rama does, and then filling the opposite end of the stem where the unwrapped part of the wire rests with high-viscosity grease like Super Lube.


So lets see what we have so far thought wise:

Stem modding Problem

  • Greasing is tiresome
  • It does not always wield the same results
  • it needs to be redone at some point
  • easy to overgrease

Proposed solution

-> Modding the housing/stabwire with a kind of plastic to make greasing the stabwire obsolete


  • Holee: Material dissolving when Bandaid is used
  • Epsi /Bar end: double side bandaid might be too thick
  • Epsi: doublesided bandaid plus mod material is more work intensive than greasing
  • Epsi/Holee/Bar End Wrap: some stem housings are too tight
  • heatshrink all over causes jammed stabs

Two things: either you have to regrease or you have to decrud the stab. If that crud thing really is a problem because how long does it actually take for that material to detoriate enough?