Staggered 104-key ANSI PCBs?

A friend of mine is currently in the market to build a full-size board, specifically a staggered 104-key ANSI (for his dad!) but we were having trouble finding full-size PCBs that aren’t 1800s. There was a thread here from a while back about currently running GBs, but that was in July, and most have ended since then. Are there any current GBs for full size boards?

(worth noting: I did encourage him to just buy a 60-80% or smaller form factor and get a separate numpad but apparently that’s not happening)

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Don’t forget the venerable GMMK - it’s not a programmable kit or anything, but it IS a drop-in housing for whatever switches you might want to use, plus it doesn’t have to be flashy.

There are very few full size custom boards, I remember like maybe one this year.

You can get a fullsize pcb from GON, though he takes a while to ship them so expect to wait around 6 months. That’s the only fullsize bare pcb I know of, if you want something faster it would probably be worthwhile to just buy a board and desolder the switches to harvest the pcb.

Edit: 1up has them in stock so no need to wait forever I guess: GON NerD 108 Black 1UP PCB » 1upkeyboards

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Oh, and the SP-111 GB running right now is sort of a fullsize. Just a few oddities (southpaw numpad, split, and compact nav cluster)

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