Any TKL/full size custom keyboard?


Most of the custom keyboards I see are smaller than TKL notably 60%. TKL is even rare. I’ve heard there are TKL kits but even those are hard to find. Why is that? Does a full size custom keyboard even exist? Does it have something to do with price? It’s already pricey to build a custom 60% than pre builts so TKL and full size is going to be much more expensive?


They exist but they are much less common. It isn’t so much a cost thing as a market thing. There is just generally less community interest in larger boards. I can’t really think of any full-size boards off-hand, but there are definitely some 1800 and compact 1800 buys now and then. TKLs also don’t seem that rare unless you are comparing them to 60% boards.

60% boards tend to be the most popular mostly because they are heavily standardized. Most 60% cases fit the poker standard mountpoints, most PCBs support the same mountpoints, capsets for 60% layouts are well supported, etc.


TX84, TX87 are gonna have another round.
Duck octagon probably won’t have another run.
Mech27 just finished with a run.
F&T 1916 is currently going on.
Lots of budget TKL kits such as the KBD 8x or the MA87
There are sorta full size kits, mostly the 1800 layout or the CP.
TX-CP, TX 1800.
Duck lightsaver/duck jetfire.
Many old customs are TKL,
LZ CLS happened last year.
Kira TKL’s GB just finished, and Rama’s TKL should occur sometime this year.

TKLs are surging in popularity looks like, 1800 and CP are getting pretty popular too.
edit: Forgot about other TKls such as the moon TKL, Mona MATRIX/Matrix series, MIRA TKL, there’s a lot of TKL customs.


Thanks for list! I will be researching about these.


The KBD 8X GB is currently running. Check out Doppio as well; the GB for that should start in a week or two.


The Equalz on geekhack is a full size custom, shipping now, might be able to pick up a spot.


I had a r1 Kbd8x; I would recommend it. :slight_smile:


There’s also an IC out for the HBCP - a new custom G80-1800 layout board here.