Suggestions for Soldering Iron and Solder Wire


Will be diving into soldering boards all by myself. I’ve watched too many videos and read articles on how to do it. However, I’m not sure which would be a good soldering iron and solder wire to pick and why.

In my country, there are a lot of cheap kits being sold only for as low as $10.

Want something long lasting and is good enough in terms of soldering results than using low-quality materials.


You can get a really nice Weller or Hakko iron for $100-150. Nice irons with accurate temperature control and will last a good long while.

I use Kester brand leaded solder.

a 1lb roll of solder will last you a very long time… not necessary to buy that much unless you plan on soldering like a mad man.


@holtenc’s spot on, that’s the good stuff there. :metal:


Thanks for the suggestions AND the links! :smiley::+1:


Also, check out the suggestions in this thread here: Gio’s starter guide to tools, when you know your going off the deep end there’s a multitude of options and suggestions there.

Personally, I like the weller WLC100 because it’s the updated version of what I have. WLC100


Whoops! I totally missed exploring that category. Thank you for guiding me there.


No worries. Glad that I can help out!


Can’t post links yet, but I prefer Indium to Kester. Slightly cheaper too.

For soldering irons, I’d do a TS100 with a 19-24v supply (2.5mm barrel plug), with both readily available seemingly everywhere. On the other hand, it might be worth waiting for its successor, TS80/TS200. Video about that on youtube.

Soldering irons that use ‘dumb’ tips like the low end Wellers and Hakkos are no longer worth it in my opinion given the rock bottom pricing of the heater integrated tip tech these days.


Check out xytronic irons. I have one from the 4000 series and IMO it goes toe to toe with the 100 dollar hakko for less money. Also takes hakko style tips


Don’t worry too much about the brand of solder. The important parts are that it’s leaded, the ratio of 63/37, and a gauge of <= 32. I think the brand I find locally is MG Electronics and it’s worked well. I can also vouch for the the Hakko.




I use a TS100 with a 45W DC adapter. Works well and is pretty good value. For solder wire you’re going to want leaded rosin core (63/37 eutectic solder works a little better than 60/40 in my experience, but you can use either).

Kester is pretty much the best name in solder and fluxes and you’ll do well with either Kester 44 or Kester 245 wires of an appropriate diameter (I think I use 0.6mm)


Getting the Weller WLC100 since I won’t be using it that often. However, if I end up using it, I might upgrade to WE1010NA in the future.

Got the Kester Pocket Pak Solder wire - Rosin-cored 60tin/40lead alloy having 0.031diameter.

Thank you guys for your suggestions and inputs. :+1:


Good call. I’ve had my weller (WES51) for over a decade and have only replaced the tips.


I’ve been using the circuit specialist soldering station, and I absolutely love it. Highly recommend it, and the price is pretty decent.


Also have the WES51 and can speak for it’s durability - fantastic station.