Switch films

I wanna buy a keyboard. I picked the sk61 and i hope i will buy it soon. But i need some lube, grease and switch films. I don’t know where to buy it without any additional tax ( i live in hungary ). Can you guys name any lube, grease and switch film brand or product which is good for those optical switches. And some sites i can by from.
Thanks for the answer and sorry for my english. :slight_smile:

As of the day before yesterday no EU shop had film in stock. =/
Lube https://keygem.store/

An alternative to TX films: https://maartenwut.com/product/thicc-films/

Ships from Europe too!

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@ISOxSwap We also have Switch Films in stock :slight_smile:

But did u have it 5days ago? :thinking:

Since the 22th of April :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just a heads up, the Jinra films are super thick & will only work with certain switches. If you are uncertain if they’ll fit your switch order the Thicc films in the smaller size. The only switches I have used them on yet is Alpacas & they’re a tight fit on those.

Edit: Also I’ve found the easiest way to install these Thicc films is to put them in the top housing instead of setting them on the bottom housing. Kinda counterintuitive, but if you put them on the bottom housings the legs of the top housing tend to catch & break the films when closing the switches up. If you put it in the top housing, you just have to keep the film in position.

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Thanks a lot guys

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