Switch Overviews | switchbox.studio

Hello again, Keebtalk friends - I’m starting a video series for my new channel, where I take an in-depth look at various mechanical switches - mostly ones I find interesting. I’m creating this post as a home for these videos here on Keebtalk.

On that note, here’s my first of these, covering the KK Light Wave V2 - also known as the Candy Jade Green:

Thanks to @Andreas for giving me some feedback earlier this week, and to @ajoflo for a lot more before that. While I don’t plan on making any more edits to this, my first video on the subject, I’m very interested to hear whatever feedback any of you might have to help me improve future videos - and of course, let me know if missed or messed up any details.

Thanks for taking a look, and have a good one!

Edit: d’oh - last upload had rendering bugs and incorrect sound - I’ve replaced the link with a non-borked one. :upside_down_face:


great video! very smooth voice overs, and a good balance of information about the stock switch, comparisons, and thoughts on how to improve or frankenswitch it. :+1: