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Hello again, Keebtalk friends - I’m starting a video series for my new channel, where I take an in-depth look at various mechanical switches - mostly ones I find interesting. I’m creating this post as a home for these videos here on Keebtalk.

On that note, here’s my first of these, covering the KK Light Wave V2 - also known as the Candy Jade Green:

Thanks to @Andreas for giving me some feedback earlier this week, and to @ajoflo for a lot more before that. While I don’t plan on making any more edits to this, my first video on the subject, I’m very interested to hear whatever feedback any of you might have to help me improve future videos - and of course, let me know if missed or messed up any details.

Thanks for taking a look, and have a good one!

Edit: d’oh - last upload had rendering bugs and incorrect sound - I’ve replaced the link with a non-borked one. :upside_down_face:


great video! very smooth voice overs, and a good balance of information about the stock switch, comparisons, and thoughts on how to improve or frankenswitch it. :+1:


Hey all - it’s been almost a year since my last video! In that time I’ve moved twice, had major spinal surgery, started working in a new location, and reinstalled my operating system. :stuck_out_tongue: All that shenanigannery behind me, it’s about time for me to make some more switch videos, among others.

I thought it might be fun to do a poll before each video, to see what folks want to see next! I realized the other day that I’ve collected over a hundred full sets of switches with more on the way - so sooner or later, I’ll likely have at least something for everyone who enjoys switches and/or content about them.

So! Onto the poll for my next switch overview video - below you’ll find a selection of 20 switches from my collection, consisting of some recent ones, some I think might be interesting, and a few of my general favorites. Five made by Gateron, five by Tecsee, five by TTC, and five frankenswitches - including one whose recipe has been depricated by tooling updates.

Pick up to three that you’d like to know more about, and I’ll make a video about the one with the highest score:

  • Gateron Ink Kangaroos
  • Gateron Ink Reds
  • Gateron Oil Kings
  • Gateron Vermilion Birds
  • Zeal Clickiez 60g (Gateron)
  • DK Oni (Tecsee)
  • DK Saru (Tecsee)
  • Tecsee Blue Sky Star Tactile
  • Tecsee Carrot
  • Tecsee Diamond
  • TTC Bluish White (both versions)
  • TTC Matrix Linear
  • TTC Matrix Tactile
  • TTC Wild
  • Cookies n’ Cream (frankenswitch)
  • Heisenberg (frankenswitch)
  • Creamy Ink (deprecated frankenswitch; deprecation discussion)
  • Holy Boba (frankenswitch)
  • Holy Dragon (frankenswitch)

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If you have any questions about any of the switches before making your selection(s), just let me know here in the thread and I'll be glad to fill you in.

Thanks much for your time and responses - have a good one, and see you in the next video!


Hey, I am working on a build list, it will be my first build, and I wanted to know what linear switches to use, because I want to use the board for gaming and coding.

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Ahoy, @Mayochup! I’d be glad to help you pick a switch for your build.

TL;DR: Gateron Yellows are usually a safe bet for a first linear, but if you have answers to some priority questions below I can help you find something that might be more suited to your personal tastes.

Usually the first thing you’ll want to consider is spring weight; other qualities do matter, but are minutia compared to the spring when it comes to a linear switch. Since this is your first build, you won’t have much of a frame of reference, so I think it would make sense to start with a common, medium-weight spring and go from there if need be. Generally, I’d say something between 55g and 65g with some wiggle-room. If those end up feeling too light or heavy, that will give you a better idea of where your ideal weight lies.

If you have tried any mechanical switches before, let me know how you felt about them and this might help pick a good initial spring weight for you.

There are lots of really good linears out there these days, any number of which I think would be great for a gaming & coding build. That in mind, I have a few priority questions to help narrow things down:

Between these things, which is more important to you?

  • Crisp feel or quiet sound

  • Sooner activation or more key travel (up/down movement)

  • Higher-pitched or lower-pitched sound

  • Smooth or textured key-travel feel

  • Stock quality or tuning headroom

  • Budget-friendliness or uncompromising quality

These things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive from each-other, but do represent qualities that tend to be traded one for the other. For example, the more quiet a switch, the more likely it is to feel mushy - and the more crisp-feeling a switch is, the more likely it is to be loud. Not so in 100% of cases, but true as a general guideline.

If you’re really not sure about any of that stuff (which is normal if you haven’t tried much of anything yet), the general recommendation for folks getting their feet wet is Gateron Yellows - this is because they have a nice, moderate spring and a great balance of smoothness for the price - and they have plenty of room to improve through tuning, and can be elevated well above the experience of “beginner” gear with some TLC.

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Thank you so much for the suggestion, I will probably order a sample switch. Typing feel probably matters most to me, and I’ve typed on Cherry reds before and loved them.

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Great! If you like Cherry Reds, there’s a lot of good stuff out there in a similar vein. Those are listed as 45g, on the light side of normal. Gateron Yellows are just a little bit more heavy - but not as heavy as Cherry Blacks, for example. I think getting some samples is the way to go - depending on what part of the world you live in, there are some websites that sell individual switches, sample packs, and testers. If you’re in the US I’d be happy to send you a linear sample pack for a bit over the cost of shipping.

Thanks that would be great!

I’ve got a new review article up on my website, and tonight I’m talking about my time with Prevail Key Company’s Nebula long-pole progressive linears:

Prevail Nebula Switch Review


This one has been a long time coming - better late than never! This time I’m taking an in-depth look at North Poles - Gateron’s take on the all-clear, super-smooth, super-stable segment carved-out by the Aqua Kings. Do these differentiate themselves from all the other all-clear switches in any meaningful way? I think so - and I’m glad to tell you why.


I guess I need to break down and try these since I’ve tried most of the others mentioned in the article. The one thing that continues to annoy me with Gateron switches is that N/S wobble. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the space bar. I can go along my shelves of keyboards and tell you which ones have Gateron switches just by rocking the space bar N/S. Even more apparent when fully pressed down.

I enjoyed the review. Nice photography and succinct writing.


Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed - and yeah, I think they’re my favorite Gateron so far, and one of my favorite switches to type on.

I’m giving those Black Sesames a try now, and while I’m still very much in “first impression” territory, I think they’re at least on the same level as the North Poles when it comes to how pleasant the collisions are, and how stable the stem is. The Black Sesames might even beat-out the North Poles for stability, though there is the potential asterisk of shorter 3.5mm travel.

My hot take for the moment is if you prefer full-travel, go for the North Poles. If you like it shorter, go for the Black Sesames. They’re both killer switches with easily above average stability and absolutely delicious collisions.


I’ve been spending lots of time with Diced Fruit Kiwis lately, and I have another full review for your perusal. Are these just knock-offs of the Key Company switches? In name and basic style, perhaps, but the similarities end there. Make no mistake, these are some pretty distinctive switches - and I’ve had fun going into detail about just what makes them that way.

I’ve really been enjoying these.


What an excellent review.

The Diced Kiwi switches have been consistently referred to as ‘more tactile feeling’ than the Huano Banana switches.

I think it understates what you pointed out, which is that the Diced Kiwi provides a different feeling tactility. In fact, it seems like a negative-tactility, the way you describe it.

One of the weaknesses of MX tactility is that the tying of ‘bump’ to actuation is kind of arbitrary. The ‘feeling’ of tactility is an artificial deviation from linear, a simple notich. With the Diced Kiwi, though, it seems as if it occurs more in-line [inverse or not] with the real actuation-point of the switch. This could lead to a more ‘classical’ non-MX feel.

Since it deviates from Cherry notch-style tactility a little, it might be worth sending some to a person like Chyrosan to try out. Honestly, these switches would have been more of a sensation if they had come out in 2016 or 2018, but even now they are innovative.

It’s probably more tactile than I’d like it to be, and requires adaptation to its cadence, but it’s still very interesting and I commend them for producing it.

[BTW The Diced Kiwi are about $1 more than the Banana switches at the Ajazz Global Store. I always found them to be a little more expensive, so didn’t try them out yet.]


I really appreciate your switch reviews! So far I haven’t been disappointed following your recommendations, so just ordered two packs of the DF Kiwis. :slight_smile:

So far, I’ve taken your advice on Pewters, Skyloong Silent Rose Iceberg Tactiles, and JWICK T1s; all three are some of my favorite switches.


Playing catch-up with my own non-schedule here; there’s probably still a grammatical derp in here somewhere and a couple images I’ll end up replacing, but I figure it’s done enough for human consumption. That’s right, it’s time for another chicken-walking review with lots of pictures and a few sounds - this time covering Akko POM Browns:


Akko POM Brown Switch Review

Next in-line for an in-practice switch review are TKC Blackberries, and after that I’m thinking NuPhy Glacier Rose tactiles with the POK stems. There’s just so many I want to talk about! :smiley:

I’ve been having some WordPress database issues; if any of you run into any white screens of death while navigating my site, please let me know. With a little luck I’ll have the bugs all squished before too long. Cheers!


Great article!