Tabletop RPGs (TTRPGs) Thread

Tabletop RPGs! They’ve been growing in popularity throughout the last decade with many players learning about and playing D&D 5e. A vast majority of players stick with 5e and others branch out to other systems in both fantasy and sci-fi themes.

Anyone else on Keebtalk a fan of TTRPGs?

Which system do you like the best?

How long have you been playing?

Tell me about your current character if you’re in a group!

If you’re a DM/GM, what’s happening so far?


I’ve always wanted to play one, so ill follow this thread pretty closely…

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I’ve been playing 5e for a couple years now, and DMed on and off. I’ve been running a totally home brewed (and pretty half assed) campaign since January or so

One of my buddies has been talking about doing a call of Cthulhu game which has always sounded big lit but Ive never had a chance to olay


I’ve played once, would recommend :+1:


I’ve, uh, been playing for a grip (well, it’s been a few years since I actually played anything, but I’ve been playing D&D since the ol thac0 days) but my favorite recent gets are Lancer and the 2nd edition of WWWRPG.

My all-time favorite might be Inspectres?


I’m in the middle of a Gloomhaven campaign with some friends that we’ll pick up after we’re all vaccinated :slight_smile:

Also: a Fallout paper RPG that we started (it’s been so long I almost forgot haha)


I played a bit of AD&D a bit in high school, like a decade ago. My buddy’s dad, who had been playing since the game came out, DMed for us. It was a total blast. More recently one of my friends got together a group to play a sci-fi themed homebrew, but Covid cut us off and we haven’t made plans to start back up yet, which is a bummer cause I really liked my character


I’m actually looking at learning Age of Sigmar Soulbound and possibly finding/making a group:

After a decade, I’m kind of over D&D (the mechanics & flow of gameplay) so I want to try something new.


wow this looks tremendously fun!


I have played and/or DM’ed for decades. I used to freelance for Kobold Press, who published my module. I also contributed writing to the Midgard Campaign setting and a few other of their supplements.

I haven’t played in five years (since having kids, odd that…) but my wife recently joined a bi-weekly GURPS campaign in which she smashes things with a mace.


If you are tired of DnD mechanics I have three suggestions -

If you are really into the story than try the FATE TTRPG - the player characters can spend FATE points to adjust the narrative and the GM has to adapt. It gives the characters a lot more sway over the game, but a good GM will capitalize on all the narrative changes the characters make.

If you like more simulation and detailed building out of skills then try GURPS. It leans more toward simulation rather than game. I like it better for Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc. than I do for fantasy.

Finally, if you like DnD but want more excitement try Fifth Age or just AGE (two completely different games, both influenced by DnD but not a variant in any way). They both have unique mechanics that add explosive elements to combat that spice things up (not literally explosions, just “bursts of awesomeness”).

AGE is based on the system used in the DragonAge games and you can play in that setting as a bonus.


I’ve done some reading on GURPS which is pretty interesting. I’ll definitely consider giving 5th Age and AGE some considerations as well.

Really these days the hardest part is forming/finding a group that isn’t a 5e group since that’s the bee’s knees right now for most people haha.

tbf “finding people willing to play anything other than D&D” has been a consistent struggle since (at the very least) WotC bought TSR, and arguably even before that. Certainly doesn’t help that so many of the larger Actual Play shows/podcasts are contributing to its popular image as the only/best point of entry.

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TTRPGs have been my jam for much longer than the 8+ years I’ve been into Keyboards.

I’ll try pretty much any of them, and my favorites have changed over the years. My current favorites are Amber, Fate, Gumshoe, and PbtA, Year Zero Engine.

30+ years (since I was in elementary school…)


  1. In a Lords of Olympus game, I’m playing the demigod of asymmetrical warfare, Grayson.
  2. In a Lords of Gossamer and Shadow/Exalted mashup, I’m playing an actor from a futuristic world where acting is an extreme sport, Valentinian.
  3. In a Silent Legions game, I’m playing a Hacker/Voudoun, trying to resolve his tech and recently discovered mystical background, Nelson Crowe.


Preparing for a transhuman conspiracy-horror campaign in a hack of Fate, Gumshoe, and Eclipse Phase.

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The struggle is real! I’ve been collecting Pathfinder for a while, and some people dragged me into one after I couldn’t get them to select a different system- I found out that I really don’t like Pathfinder. Now they want to do 5e instead :man_facepalming:

What module was it? I did some freelance work for a few smaller companies- the latest being on Amp: Year Four by Thrid Eye Games.

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Played Age of Sigmar: Soulbound over the weekend with a couple of friends and holy moly I’m sold on the system.

Coming from a decade of D&D, this was such a breath of fresh air and it feels like such an engaging system.

Going to start filling up a group soon, but I might want to stream my games? :thinking: NGL, I just want to share my love of this system/world with more people :smiley: