TEX Shinobi : 7-Row mechanical keyboard with TrackPoint [ Pre-order ]

Hello All

I’m Justin @ TEX
We made Yoda/Yoda2/Kodachi before , that’s all trackpoint mechanical keyboard !

and this time , we want build ThinkPad traditional layout : 7-Row keyboard
We made a mold tooling for this keyboard , we want reduce price and make high quality

We will release 2 type

  1. Assembly type
  2. DIY Kits type (need to be soldering switches)

About this keyboard feature

  1. Fully programmable ( like Yoda2 / Kodachi by web configurator )
  2. N-Key rollover
  3. Support US-ASCII / EU-ISO / JIS layout
  4. Support Cherry MX1A switches ( black/blue/brown/red/silent red/clear/silver/green )
  5. with TrackPoint !!!
  6. Keycap : ABS with laser engrave - TEX ADA & mini ADA profile
  7. Support BLE upgrade kits ( make keyboard to wireless BLE 4.0 )

If you guys have any question , please send message to me or in FB

Make 7-Row keyboard is my dream , I don’t know Lenovo let this layout " end of life " , but now I have chance make this keyboard for real , if you are ThinkPad fans or you want try TrackPoint with mechanical keyboard , Please try this keyboard !

This is pre-order now , and we will ship in 2019-DEC

Thanks all , Thanks KEEBTALK :slight_smile:

Justin @ TEX


Very glad to see TEX here on Keebtalk. I think the keyboard is attractive and unique.

Filling in details that I see others might want to know:

  • The new keyboard is named the Shinobi.
  • It is similar to the Kodachi in layout, but this new version has some non-standard “mini” keys on the top row and for the arrow cluster.
  • The case is injection molded plastic (I think?) to reduce cost. This new case has a look that is currently more desireable to the mechanical keyboard community. The switches are hidden by the case. A look we usually refer to as “high profile”.
  • The board is available to preorder in two versions on their website
  • Pre-built for $179 (cherry options)
  • DIY for $99 (included choice of keycaps and you can select lasered caps or BLANKS!)
  • The keycaps can also be purchased separately if desired. Can choose printed or blank.

I’m not a big fan of non-standard mini keys, or the laser engraved caps, or proprietary software for programming, but the price on this keyboard is really good. Good enough to maybe overlook those issues.

Again, thanks for sharing with our community. The DIY kit looks very tempting to me

One detail I’m not sure of, but it looks like the mouse buttons come pre-soldered no matter which option you choose. They are cherry low profile switches.

Click for full size image below:


How is this only $100 for a kit when the Yoda 2 is in the $300 range?

Also, the board is beautiful, regardless of price? It’s enough to make me leave my 40-60% size boards!

Yoda 2 is CNC aluminum case , if you choose DIY kits , that is 219 USD !

For Shinobi , that is plastic case ( top/bottom ) , so price is lower !!


I think the previous boards were all metal, right? It is a very attractive price. Yep, I guess Justin confirmed that

@Justin Does the DIY kit include stabilizers? I believe the space bar is non-standard, right?

Hi, was wondering if the japanese keycaps have sublegends?

In ordering the DIY kit the keycap print options are (US/EU/JP) and blank. If I pick US/EU/JP how do I know what keycap legends I will get?

base on your choose , if you choose US , I will give you US keycap

Welcome to Keebtalk Justin!

Check now, you should be able to post a link. Usually we have a wait timer until people can post to prevent spam, but I think it’s okay in this case.

How long is the pre-order going to be open for? The DIY kit seems like an amazing deal!

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The arrow keys are the only thing that keep me away from this. If they were full-sized, I’d be on board.

Yes , we will include sub-legends !
you mean like that …

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Thank you ! I can post link :slight_smile:

Yes , include all you need , just switches . you can buy from us ( cherry MX1A , or you can use your )

I… think I want this kit. That’s a great price! :thinking:
Very unique. Is cherry MX1A just standard MX switches? I’d like to put Zealios or Holy Pandas in this.

Yes , MX switches ! only mouse 3 button we use MX1A-Low profile

About pre-order end of 2019-OCT !!

Is it fully programmable? (i.e. every key)
How many Fn layers available? There’s only 1 layer in Yoda 2, I’m hoping this board would have more than that.

Lastly, as the firmware is not open-source, will you provide offline programming software? I just think in a few years time this board might not be programmable when it becomes unsupported by the online configurator.


Hi ,

Fn still only 1 layer , but you can set 3 different Fn key :slight_smile:

This looks like a really great keyboard to use with a tablet computer, because you don’t need a separate mouse, and bluetooth would really increase the appeal/mobility. When you say “support BLE upgrade kits” does this mean you will be selling the kits, or we have to figure out how to upgrade on our own?

That said, even if this had bluetooth built-in, my biggest reservation would be the nonstandard key sizes. I like the look of the stock keycaps, but I can’t stand using ABS. I haven’t seen any third party keycaps that would fit those smaller keys.