TFV2, Kara or Tokyo60 which will you get?

Just posting here on what are your preferences in terms of HHKB layout custom keebs that are running/coming soon.

I think these are quite interesting ones:

  1. Rama Kara (I think there is the muting kit, “gasket” mount, internal dampener, different back cover. VIA compatible. Looks like really a good deal but not sure how long this can be produced seeing a lot people saying that Rama products take very long)

  2. TFV2 hhkb layout - kbdfans (Seem like a not bad deal too, top mount with case foam. This is like a kbd67 but with hhkb layout)

  3. Tokyo60 (Price wise very similar to Kara for barebones kit but this is aluminium and without sound dampening kind of “technology” built)

So what are your thoughts? Which will you get? :slight_smile:


Very good question. Out of these 3 I’m most interested in the Kara from Rama. I’ve purchased every board he’s made to this point. I love supporting his business. I have been looking for injection molded customs since day 1 of this hobby. I’m looking forward to the Kate keycaps from RAMA as well.

I generally don’t buy anything from KBDFans anymore, unless it’s a collaboration. I feel like they have enough of the community’s money at this point. These boards will just be sold over and over on r/mm before long.

Tokyo60, being connected to Drop, doesn’t usually get much attention around here. However, it is a nice looking board. They’ve made some respectable updates to this newest release. Still, I don’t like being forced to buy keycaps I don’t want. And, as you mentioned, it will most likely have the worst sound profile.

TLDR: The Kara for me.


While Kara is interesting I’m not a big fan of Rama’s fulfillment time frames as of late and it’s plastic after all (not that it’s inherently bad but from a longevity standpoint aluminum is definitely better).

I had Tokyo60 (2 of them actually, R1 and R2). 1.4mm integrated plate sounds awful no matter how you try to silence it.

So I’d go for TFV2, which is brass + top mount. Sound seems to be fine from the videos and feedback I came across so far.

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Kara - I want a plastic case.


To be clear, the fact KARA is injection-moulded plastic will dramatically cut down on its production/fulfillment timeline. RAMA products have, in the past, taken a long time for three reasons:

  1. Unlimited GB means their order counts are astronomically high
  2. Machining each individual case takes a lot of time (10 hours for each M60-A, according to RAMA)
  3. Anodizing/polishing each case takes time

With the KARA the production timeline will be shorter for each individual unit because of the efficiency of injection-moulding vs. CNC. We’re easily looking at an efficiency increase of hours for each individual unit.


I’ll probably pick up a Kara just to see how it is, pricing didn’t seem too bad at $160usd. I am very concerned about how hollow it will sound, even with the mute/gasket mount, it’s still just a hollow plastic shell at the end of the day…


I think my biggest gripe with how Rama handles orders is probably communication. For example, Thermal is “shipped from the manufacturer to Rama” since at least May.


That’s fair. I think this is by far the most common complaint for almost literally any board GB that isn’t an extremely small-volume run of a board, and I don’t know that RAMA is unique in their communication style here; I think they’re just operating at a volume of board sales that almost nobody else is operating at except for, like, Drop.


Count me in for a Kara.


Def looking at Kara. :eyes: Haven’t totally committed yet… Of these choices, tho, Kara.


If I had to choose between the three, I’d say RAMA Kara or TFV2 HHKB layout. Personally I’m leaning more towards the Kara just because I believe Ramaworks can bring more to the table.


I sold the Tokyo60 off about as fast as I got it in. Hot swap and integrated metal plates are not for me.

The Kara is a must buy though. It looks great and should be a really nice quality case.

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Though I am bummed out about the time it’s taking to get the Olivia M60 I ordered from Rama, I’m still going to get a Kara.
I’m a real sucker for colored transparent plastic. I don’t know what I blame more - Nintendo colorways, Clarissa explains it all or '98 Jony Ive.


haha I think for the price, Kara may seem like a more interesting choice! Think the typing experience will be nicer…and the design aesthetics is more unique!

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Yeah and also Kara, though plastic, has very unique design appeal and visual feel to it (diff colourway, and how it will work with the rgb). TFV2 will be a good solid option though (top mount typing experience will be quite fun) but the design is quite generic to what we are used to seeing.

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Has it been 1 year since the Thermal’s launch? It is a really sick looking board!

Considering the fact that I already have two Tokyo60s, if I look at anything it will be the Kara. Just concerned about that angle, as it looks aggressive. Anyone know what it is?

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I have a feeling that it will be similar to the M60 :slight_smile:

I’ll be getting the Kara, but then I already have three aluminum HHKB’s and another on order. The Kara has better lines than the Tokyo60 and unique color options and I refuse to buy any more keyboards with a seam on the sides (TFV2) because inevitably the parts don’t sit quite flush and have subtle variations in finish.

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Between the 3 probably the Tokyo60, usually I prefer metal cases so the Kara is the one that I wouldn’t buy (even if Rama is a producer that I usually like) and the TFV2 is still without a price tag (or at least I hope that 999 $ is a placeholder).