The AF SA Profile - a sorta review

If you don’t need the 7u red spacebar I’d be happy to buy it from you :slight_smile:

Thank you

I haven’t found any keyboard pictures using this particular AF SA colorway. Do you have a picture of this set on a board?


Unfortunately, I have not populated a full board with these keycaps yet. They are known as Kit 11 on this link:

I was waiting for a white keyboard, as I think they are going to be too drab on a transparent charcoal keyboard.

You can see basically how they would look on a white keyboard in the product photo:

I wish I could be of more help. Like you, I have not encountered photos of this set in use.

Ah okay. The image you posted looks like it is different than Kit 11. I actually have the set in the image you posted and I was not a big fan. Everything looked…drab. I think it had something to do with the puke green accents and legends. I’m guessing you had accidentally posted an image of the other green set because the pictures you had of showing keys 3 and 4 looks like a black cap with neon green legends.

Kit 11 - Is this the set you have?

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LOL, now I’m not even sure what I ordered!

Haha, but I have the order confirmation, and it was definitely Kit 11.

I remember it was the only green-ish one in-stock. Many of the others were too ‘mustard’ in colour [from MG Ember derivatives].*

I am doing some builds for relatives, so it might go on a prospective white keyboard or something. It’s also an interesting alternate set for my green IKKI68 Aurora.

Yeah, thanks for pointing out the discrepancy. I was away from my computer when I showed you the wrong catalog image of the set, wrongly-presenting the drab one as you said. The correct one is the brighter, neon-green Kit 11 that I purchased.

It would be an attractive set on the right board. Many of the AF SA sets seem optimal for white boards. I’ve become curious about their production process: it seems as if they have the same plastics being poured into 3 different molds [SA, MG, AF SA], maybe even Cherry-profile sets as well. Talk about economies of scale!

They are also re-using base colours across sets, like the gray-beige modifiers on this Kit 11. Or the orange accents in the chocolate / terminal sets. So they only need a limited number of colours to make all their sets.

I probably should have bought the orange terminal Skiidata set [Kit 12] for my smoky MK870.

*I thought Kit 11 would go with the smoky charcoal MK870, but even with the brighter green, it’s too drab in that combination. Also thought it might go on my FC900R, replace the MT3 keycaps, finally fit under my keyboard tray, but I think AF SA at its tallest is as tall at MT3. Even though it is less-tall on average.

Thank you for your reply. I managed to find a couple pictures of the original colorways in SA. (see below)

I had a couple of questions for the one you have. Is the base color for Kit 11 a true black or more of a charcoal gray? As per the modifiers, are they more beige than gray? Or are they pretty neutral? How would they compare to the original below?

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The actual colours of Kit 11: The base colour for the alphas is a kind of green-gray.

The modifiers are slightly more beige than they are gray, but it’s close.

The modifier legends are actually Brown. They even have the Brown double-shot plastic in the underside of the spacebar.

Compared with that SA set, the SA alphas base colour is darker and more black; again the AF SA is definitely more greenish in tint. And again, AF SA a little lighter in tone.

The SA modifiers are slightly more beige, but comparable. The AF SA is a little grayer.

The AF SA green is more neon.

Could you tell me what those original SA sets are?

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That’s really helpful to know. Thank you. I was leaning toward the green but I’m looking at the yellow now. Although I sorely tempted by the current Drop MT3 BOGO sale going on right now. Dasher looks fun…

I found these described as Green screen and Yellow screen on another AliExpress vendor (Real Eagles Trading Store) so I did an image search for SA Green Screen. I found an entry on Drop Drop SA Green Screen Keycap Set | Mechanical Keyboards | Keycaps | Custom Keycaps and a few on Reddit.

Note: My favorite AF SA set is definitely Monster as its colors pop way louder than my other set.


That’s quite a price difference between AF SA and Drop SA!

Yeah, MG Monster is what got me onto AF SA.

I kinda regret getting my AF SA set, because it cheapens my MG set, maybe. My MG set was $110 USD + shipping from Europe. B/c I didn’t know this stuff was on AliExpress at the time.

So having this more affordable, but similar [in design] AF SA set kinda undermines my MG set. Which was unique to me, previously.

So it’s a subjective thing. Anyway, my MG Monster setup is very similar to yours. It is on a white Tester68 with L + F Mode Signals. It’s surprisingly good on this cheap board, the only mod is lubed stabilizers. Very good for typing, etc…

My whole MK870 project was to try and beat that setup by using a polycarb plate and AF SA or MT3. But the Mode Signals aren’t lubed enough this time, so it’s not working out. Instead, turns out Naevy 1.5 + MT3 is perfect for that build.

Can anyone that has the triple set of blue, red, white confirm if the legends on the white caps are black or blue?

I have tried MT3 and SA with my preference being towards SA so would be interested in trying these. Especially seeing as how they look like they have a smooth finish.

The legends on the off-white set are actually a dark, navy blue. Most likely the same blue as the blue set.

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Thanks for confirming.

Shocking. I’ve been typing on these all week and would have sworn, if asked, that they were a really dark charcoal. But sure enough, popped a key off and I can see from the back that it’s definitely blue. Even knowing this, I still can’t see the blue colour from the outside.

So, @Eighty58five, if you’re after blue legends then you might be disappointed.


I have the set too and thought the legends are black lol. But I didn’t even open the white keys in the box, I just went with all red :slight_smile:

Also compared to MT3 these are very close and I like them even more because:

-smooth/shiny Abs feels great to me

  • I dig the colors
  • I like that they are really cheap

Is it just me, or did Drop just raise its prices?

They are having another BOGO sale for MT3.

I could have sworn that Dasher / Dancer, Dusk, Skiidata etc… were $110 a month ago. Susuwatari the same, maybe even $99 along with dev/tty. Now dev/tty is $115.

Guess I should have gotten in a month ago if I wanted BOGO!

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They did! I noticed that too. They raised some of them a couple months ago as well.

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Damn inflation! I figured the $110 sets were too good to last.

Most of the sets are $120 or $130 now with dev/tty the cheapest at $115. I ordered Dasher and Dancer on June 17 and they were both $110 at the time and now $120.

The MT3 ortho sets went from $65 to $75 at some point before June 17.

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Kono has a few of the real MG sets on sale right now.

I have AFSA, SP SA, Maxkey SA and Domikey SA sets. The legends on AFSA are absolutely gorgeously executed, much nicer than the others and than MT3 from what I gather from pictures. The difference is most noted in the ' ", 6 ^, 8 * and ~ keys.

However, from the MT3 pictures I gather the typing surface looks rougher than AFSA. Is that correct? Does MT3 ABS feels better for this reason?

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