The AF SA Profile - a sorta review

Maybe just buy the green set off AliExpress? I assume you mean the MG Ember Aurora rip-off, which I still see available from a few sellers. I bought a set off a seller Gliging-keyboard Store “Wazi keycap 172 Keys SA” which turned out to be G-MKY AF SA. They took less than a week to get to me in NZ.

And if you’re keen, you can buy a set of matching MG keycaps (which are back in stock at melgeek) and mix and match the profiles. The colours and finish are indistinguishable.

I’m using the top and bottom row from an MG Ember Dusk set, and the middle rows from AFSA Shimmer Black.

And to keep the arrow key camber nice, I’ve used AFSA on the bottom row arrows, and stolen a down-arrow from another set as the up arrow.

Very nice, even if it took $200 of keycap purchases.


Hi! I think about buying this set from GMK-Y too… have you compared the sound between domikey and GKK-Y? I use Domikey too and I loved the sound, I worry if that thickness difference would give different sound result …

All of my SA sets, including domikey, sound more “dampened” and lower pitched than AFSA.
The AFSA sets are noisier (in a bad way) than my GMK sets too (and louder, I guess caused by the extra space inside them).

On a nice thocky keyboard, AFSA is fine. A bit noisier than SA, with more high-pitched sounds coming out.

On a cheap keyboard with cheap switches I think SA or GMK helps a lot by hiding the nasty rattly, hollow, and pingy noises; and something super-thin like DCS makes a silk purse out of a sows ear by making these noises sound quite ‘fun’. AFSA just magnifies the nasty noises. Ugh.


I have no experience with their SA-profile sets.

But I have MG Monster [the GB version] on a Tester68 [with lubed stabs] of all things, and it’s surprisingly good.

Using well-lubed MODE Signal switches with TX films, it actually sounds decent. Like thumpy plastic. It could be a lot worse - there’s no scratch or ping.

So MG has an okay sound profile with an affordable build. But sure, I guess PBT MT3 would sound better. [I’m using dev/tty to improve a Filco with Ergo Clears].

I finally ordered an AF SA set. The green/gray one I wanted, which was available on one of the multitude of posts from the same seller. 62 CAD shipped. It’s taking a while to ship, though, I guess because of the anti-COVID measures. That’s fine with me.

I’ll see if I can put it on the Ergo Clear board and finally close my keyboard tray. It has a height limit of ~OEM keycaps, so hopefully AF SA isn’t too much. Also going to try it against ABS MT3 on an MK870, as the MT3 is giving me some trouble.

I’m going to get these on a board here at some point. I’m curious to see if I have the same response to the sound.


I got the same set today. 58$ shipped taxes included. Wanted it for the red keys to install on my Kei silver to reach an HG HHKB look but realised that the 478 keyset has only one 7u spacebar, in yellow.

It ended up on my Rama Kara for test, but surprisingly the yellow spacebar is versatile and looks awesome :


By the way if anyone runs into a red 7u spacebar in this profile and willing to sell please let me know :slight_smile:

Excellent! That does look great.

Damn I have the brown set coming in and just realized that the only 7u spacebar is yellow as well. Think it’ll look a bit out of place on my beige NCR-80 but hopefully the sound improvements on my Clickiez will make up for it.

Maybe someone who bought the “Rome” colourway with an extra 7u spacebar can help you out. I think the shade of red is pretty similar from the product photos.

Fingers crossed for me that they’ll release a spacebar pack for the brown colourway at some point.


Don’t worry it’s a nice shade of yellow and will match the brown very well, I was thinking of geting the set too…

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Apologies, as I was lurking, and saw your post. Not sure if you realise, but one or two of the sellers of the Rome set are selling a set of just six space bars. They are that lovely shade of red, and one is the 7U. I’m not going to try to post a link, as I’ve just registered and, on most forums I’ve joined in the past, seeming to spam product links is somewhat frowned upon… but one of the sellers is “KeyPro Store” (AliExpress).

If it’s not what you were after, or if I’ve replied to the wrong post, my apologies. Trying to navigate a new forum on a phone screen is always likely to end in tears.



Thanks. I’m pretty sure we are allowed to post links here. I guess PGA profile is the same as AFSA?

They do look awfully similar…

Got them, thank you !

Not the same, PGA is thicker, different molds. Height /angles were a bit different too

I sold my PGA set so I could not compare them when I got my AFSA set. The PGA set felt softer to me, more rounded. But they do look awfully similar. Glad you could confirm they are different.

Also, somewhat hilariously there is already an AFSA clone of the Rome set.

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Here’s a couple of AS FA on the number row alongside MT3:


Definitely more scoop, I need to build another MX board to put these on and try them. They’re just sitting in my cap bin, eyeing me.

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I went and bought this set before realizing it was a clone lmaoooo i feel like a dunce. but regardless they are honestly really solid keycaps for the price. I adore the dishy-ness of the caps and the fact that they aren’t nearly as tall as mt3/sa. I think this profile is a real winner and want to try PGA as well too after trying these. It’s really too bad that these guys make so many clone colorways, I’m seeing Godspeed, SA By the Sea, Lime, etc. Getting my hands on a real Rome/Sparta set would be nice, I love this colorway.