The endless scroll layout has gotta go

Suggestion time

The endless scroll layout and lack of actual, separate forums for threads (IC, GB, general keyboard talk, off topic, etc) is bad and not good. I highly suggest separating topics by their actual topic rather than relying on tags.

JK, category view is great. and you can change it to the default view in your settings. nice


Everything has gotta go… This is so insanely spiteful. If Zeal had bought GH this site wouldn’t exist whatsoever even though he is also a company.

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I agree, really just made an account to see what this place is like

Very very underwhelmed as of right now

Gave up after maybe 10 attempts to set a profile picture and having everything crash

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Discourse doesn’t support pagination, but everything is lazy loaded as you scroll. Not saying pagination should be overlooked, but you’ll notice the slider on the right of the thread. This will act as the pagination, and it becomes second nature after a day or two for the longer threads.



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I really, really don’t like Discourse. I was pretty excited to see this project, but slightly disappointed to see that it uses this platform. But I think I can get used to it, I didn’t exactly love the layout of the previous site either.

That said, it does have “forums”. Just use the drop downs at the top.

Also… dudes who came here just to shit on the place … That’s pathetic

Edit: Honestly after a few hours on here, I am kind of starting to like it when using the category view. I still think the default view is a hot mess, but whatever. With some CSS this could be a really nice platform. And it loads a lot quicker than most “webapp” style sites, so that’s a huge HUGE plus.

rome wasn’t built in a week guys, please be patient!

edit: from my initial impressions, i don’t think the time it takes to load the next ‘scroll’ is any slower than it takes to open up a new page in a typical forum thread. but yes hopefully we can configure the amount of posts loaded per scroll

and then came Nero and burnt it down…
we need you Nero! Where are you?

this BS is gonna be a second grade DT at best, probably filled with memes soon

Yep, category view is where it’s at. Also, dark theme is great. Before complaining, have people actually used the site? It’s pretty fantastic IMO. Easy to track topics (and browser notifications are awesome for me!), easy to reply/edit, easy to find topics.

I’m actually very impressed that it works as well as it does for our keyboard interests.

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if this site lasted as long as Rome did from inception to the great fire, then it will easily be the greatest keyboard website of all time. wishing for it to fail at this stage though… i don’t really comprehend the negativity

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Come on now, this forum has literally just been released. Give it some time to mature.

I already prefer this, I have been using throughout today to lurk compared to geekhack, where I just go to check the status of a GB I am in…

It will be interesting to see how this grows. Last time I checked, if some of my other hobbies had more than one main forum, I was giddy due to being able to explore even further!

Plus, who doesn’t love markdown?!

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Also, if you go into settings, you can make it so that your main page shows all the categories.

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Most people’s complaints seems to be about this. I wonder if it’s possible to set this as the default by the forum owners (if it’s something that keeps coming up).

For anyone coming here wondering why Discourse uses infinite scrolling (which I personally think is a huge and wonderful feature compared to legacy forums), here is some background reading:

Infinite scroll is only a step up imo.

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i prefer infinite scrolling. traditional forum style layout gets stale. it doesn’t promote discussion as much. its so much easier to post on here

The reason that infinite scrolling generally sucks IMO is because it breaks browsers. The back and forward buttons cease to work and loading a page properly takes ages because you’re loading a whole app, not just one page, and in my experience that app breaks often which requires reloading.

However, all those things seem to have been addressed here. The platform seems quite speedy, significantly more stable than ridiculously poor web apps such as FaceBook, Imgur, and the new Reddit, and even pretty fast from fresh load (still a good deal slower than a normal page load but tolerable) and the back button does what you expect it to. So I’m fine with it.

it’s purely a justification of the technical aspects of the UI pattern, though. isn’t it that in UI/UX, if we need to explain a new pattern/interaction to users (more so with lengthy articles/papers), it’s an early sign it probably requires rethinking.

but i still say we give it time, and let ourselves get familiar with how the site works first.

I probably hate it because I still have the muscle memory of being done with a GH thread and scrolling with my mouse wheel all the way up (I have a Logitech MX Master where it freely spins, so one little flick gets to the top :heart_eyes:).

yeah, but once you visit the site frequent enough, you’ll develop new habits for navigating it.