The Heavy-6: a Norbauer case for the FC660C

I noticed that you omitted the black hard anodized option from the list of finishes this time. Does that mean you won’t be offering a hard anodized option? I was really looking forward to a hard anodized case.

Second that.

Hey @norbauer how hard would it be to adapt this for the FC660M for those of us who love your work, but maybe aren’t into Topre?

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but why!? :confused:

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It’s nothing topre has done to me, I just don’t like tactiles personally!

To be completely honest I’ve never even tried Topre :stuck_out_tongue: But I JUST got into the hobby, and I have spent enough that my wife is already threatening to divorce me :stuck_out_tongue: I have a FC660M, so was just hoping! Haha!

ok. any kind of clack, is a good clack.

The new, slimmer version looks so awesome! Really looking forward to this.

To think I just sold my FC660C with Hasu and everything…

I sold mine some time back. Bought one again after Heavy6 was announced. It’s not too late :grin:

Really hyped fo this! Signed up.

Got excited and went to fill out the form only to realize I’d already done so…

Just a heads up: A month ago, I ordered a white case FC660C from It was showing on their incoming stock page at the time. Last night, I noticed that it had disappeared from incoming stock, but wasn’t showing in just arrived.

I emailed and they said they “are currently working to see if and when we will be getting more of these, however they may be out of production”

Doesn’t make sense to me, since I’ve read about production moving to Japan from China. Perhaps they meant specifically the white/gray model. (They still appear to have the blue/gray PBT double shot fc660c in stock)

I already have a hasu controller on the way, and strongly prefer the white/gray caps, so I ended up buying from a different vendor.

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Oh, that was just me being stupid. :blush: Black hard ano is still on. Updated the post.

fc660cs were in ample supply on Amazon last I checked a week or two ago, but even if they were being discontinued: by far the most persistently popular housings I’ve run are those undead Norbatouches, which only fit keyboards that have been discontinued for, like, years. I keep thinking each run will be the last and then I get a million emails begging me to do another round. I don’t know where people are finding all these Novatouches (the going rate is like $400 on eBay), but they are. :man_shrugging:

I’m actually not sure! I don’t own an M, but depending on how well the Heavy-6 does, maybe I’ll look into adapting it. It would be easier than starting from scratch, but from the photos I’ve seen there are still considerably internal differences between the keyboards.

Favorite layout, check.
Potential reason to dive into Topre finally, check.

This looks amazing!

I loved the look of this at KeyCon. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

Every case Norbauer makes seems to cause the keyboards to become discontinued. :keyboard:

Norb… Step away from the Realforce!! :frowning: