The Heavy-6 (now resurrected in polycarbonate)

No problems. Look forward to seeing what that looks like when you get it. I have my blue/grey on Aperture but think Enigma grey would look great as well.

@norbauer This case is an absolute masterpiece. The wait was painful, but oh so worth it. Thank you!


So I ended up purchasing a set of these if anyone is looking to get an angle more akin to the original max angle of the FC660C. Go to Amazon and search for: Adhesive Door Knob Bumper Pads- 18 PCS Small Clear Wall Protector Door Stopper Rubber Feet for Door Handle Cabinet Headboard Refrigerator Sound Dampening and 20 PCS Bumper Pads

Unfortunately no links on Keebtalk :frowning:

And no, I’m not remotely affiliated with them. Just that it worked and now this board is perfect.

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anyone know where to get those nice plastic key covers?

Search for username “Widebasket” on EBay. That’s where I found mine, and it looks like he still has some in stock :slight_smile:

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Here is a typing test for anyone interested. These are 55g Realforce domes, but no lubing or silencing was done. The signature topre “THOCK” is twice as deep and satisfying with this case.

Typing Test

Is that Sorbothane?

Wow, such a punchy thock with those 55g domes.

I’ve had my board silenced for some time now out of respect for my coworkers, and I have BKE heavy domes installed now. I’ve been curious to see what this thing sounds like without silencing but I’ll have to wait until I’m not going to tick off my entire office in doing so. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the preview, though. I’m excited to give it a try sometime.

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Haha yeah, I would definitely have to silence mine to use it anywhere but my home office, but i’d be interested to hear what yours sounds like as well! I’ve actually never heard BKE heavies in action before.

Happy to oblige.

That’s what everything currently sounds like since being installed into the Heavy-6 but the playlist covers my board’s entire modding history so I can keep track of how things change. :slight_smile:

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The Monolith has arrived!

Lubed, silenced, and with Sorbothane.

Beautiful production by Norbauer :slight_smile:


Oh damn… We’re gonna need a recording of setting that thing down on your desk. haha

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It’s extremely heavy! The name is fitting. Absolutely requires both hands to move.

Yeah, my tactical is heavy enough and setting it down is probably one of my favourite moments in using it now. But that… That thing is a beast.

My favorite part is definitely how soft and smooth the PVD coating is. It feels amazing, my hands just glide on top of it much more easily than anodization.

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Dude, that sounds SO damn satisfying! Like a group of horses walking on a dirt path.

That makes me want to silence the upstroke sound on my build someday. I really only notice the somewhat sharp, clacky sound on my stabilized keys, but I think it’s enough to warrant a future mod.

Have you noticed any negative side effects from silencing? Tactility loss, sticky keys, etc.?

Okay, so there’s 2 main things I’m doing with my Heavy-6 to silence the keys. One is that I’m using hyperspheres for all of my keys to silence the upstroke, but my spacebar gets special treatment because its loud AF.

Even without silencing rings you can get a pretty big sound improvement by picking up some felt pads from the hardware store for $2 (like you might use to silence a cabinet door) and sticking a couple where your spacebar lands, like so:

That, on its own, will make a big difference and makes the bottom-out of the spacebar feel nicer too.

As for downsides, I’ve found that my hyperspheres reduced the tactility of my keystrokes by “one notch”, if you think of the Topre tactility scale as something like this:

45g Topre < 55g Topre < BKE Light < BKE Heavy

I used to use BKE lights but when I got my hyperspheres the tactility was less than what I wanted, so I ended up buying heavies to make up the difference and now it feels great for me. So basically my BKE heavies feel similar to BKE lights unsilenced now and that’s perfect in my books.


Thank you! The space bar is by far the loudest and most noticeable “clacky” key. I’m going to try the felt pad mod as soon as possible!

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Yeah, absolutely. Once I started making recordings and listening to them it really stood out as being several times louder than any of the other keys and clearly a good target to make the board quieter.

It took me a couple of attempts to find the right thing to quiet the spacebar down but I’m really happy with these felt pads. Easy to apply and remove, cheap as dirt and they take just enough noise off of the spacebar to put it in the same territory as the rest of the keys, so it blends right in. Depending what’s at your hardware store you might have to try a couple things to get the right thickness so it doesn’t affect your spacebar travel too much I guess, but that’s about the only thing that you’d have to pay attention to.

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Can I just mention how super cool of @norbauer it was to include extra screws and feet for the case? It’s the little things that add up!