The Heavy-6 (now resurrected in polycarbonate)


That yellow is amazing :eyes:

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Every day I wake up, look at the norbauer shop page for that yellow board, add it to my cart, and close the browser. For like a week now… I’m sooooooooooooo tempted.

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My brain tried to fit this to the Folger’s ad tune

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Gonna need to call in @Nebulant with the heavy artillery. Hit 'em with more heavy-6 motorsport yellow pics!

Does anyone have a photo of motorsport yellow with the stock black on black keycaps?

Terrible potato photo, but this is that configuration with the “low noise” FC660c. Just got one in the mail today. Honestly, this thing is dank. I’m kinda blown away with how good it feels and sounds, completely stock (other than Hasu controller and case, of course)


Sorry, meant to reply to your post but just look one below for the photo.

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As the new and proud owner of a Black on Black FC660C, what is the collective wisdom as to the best colour H6 to complement - Royal Wrinkle, Enigma Gray or even Aperture?

Does anyone have any pics of and of these colour combo’s in the wild? Read this thread top to bottom and Google/social media searched without much sucess.

think how nice the GMK Phantom would be on this keyboard

Perfect! Thanks

I think the enigma grey and royal wrinkle’s are just starting to ship, so maybe a day or two before you see any photo’s of those.

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I was looking to find phantom for mine, but settled for nautilus. I am still keeping an eye out for phantom though, love that set

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i have it, but im in italy, if u want let me know, used for 2h maybe

Yeah that would look killer. Too bad I don’t have any spare Novatouch sliders


IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1653

Amazing work as always, the royal wrinkle texture is amazing and the case has made me fall in love with the board again.


I love how girth-y my Heavy-6 is. The finish and the stock blacked-out keycaps remind me of mint chocolate chip, just as I had hoped. I love that everything can be assembled and disassembled with a single hex key (at least as far as the case is concerned; the keyboard still requires a Phillips-head screwdriver). The portcullis badge looks great, even if I don’t get to see often (since it is on the front of the case).

If I had two small complaints, it would be that it didn’t come with assembly instructions (even if I did figure out how things were meant to be put together on my own), and the fact that there is no easy way to access the reset button on my Hasu controller.

With that being said, this is definitely an “endgame” quality case. My project this weekend is going to be making the FC660C in my case a bit less stock (changing out the rubber domes and sliders, and flashing in my preferred layout). Once I have that nailed down, this will be the nicest keyboard in my collection.

Thanks @norbauer!


I’m so freaking glad to hear that, my silenced blue/grey is coming tomorrow to be put in my Aperture Heavy-6. I actually bought the non-silenced one just a few days before it came in stock, so now I have two in that color (and an old black one I got back in ~2013 which has the old iron-pressed foam rings which was a huge pain to do). Can’t wait to try the new silenced one and so glad I won’t be doing slider swaps or silencing rings.

Nice looking board!

The royal wrinkle texture looks amazing.