The Heavy-6 (now resurrected in polycarbonate)

I ended up buying both the silenced and non-silenced, too. I’ll have to compare to see which is worthy of the heavy 6. Should be interesting to see the differences between the Chinese and Japanese models…

Can anyone recommend a lube for getting rid of the rattle on the stabilizer keys?

SuperLube Synthetic Grease

Here are a couple pictures of the Black/Black FC660c with “Aperture” finish. I absolutely love the combination! Royal wrinkle + Black/Black would look incredible as well.


That looks amazing, and would have been the Heavy6 case I would have bought if I had an FC660c.


Custom cable from mechcables showed up today, very simple but goes well I think…


Royal Wrinkle looks amazing. I’m still torn between that enigma gray for my new black/black silenced FC660C… @norbauer, any chance you’d be interested in offering local pickup for those of us in Silicon Valley as well?


My Royal Wrinkle came in last night and the quality is INCREDIBLE! I love the texture and the weight. Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail @norbauer! Thank you for delivering such a quality product to the community.

Royal Wrinkle + Stock FC660C + 9009 Keycaps from KBDFans


All these shots of Royal Wrinkle sapped my impulse control and I’m glad I caved!
There’s nothing quite like this texture, it’s so satiny I keep just rubbing the sides of the board.
The reflective grain takes my breath away, all I can think is “designer brimstone”.
Wish I had mx sliders to pop Sanctuary on it, something I might work toward now.
Thank you so much Ryan for adding these finishes!

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This is one impulse buy that I think would be difficult to regret. It’s endgame quality and completely worth it IMO

I am finding that I enjoy waxing the Monolith more than I thought I would. It is kind of calming. The smooth sheen the wax leaves behind and the smell of the wax are both kind of calming.

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I didn’t even pop open my jar to sniff it. It’s Carnauba wax, right? I was afraid my wife might see me polishing my keyboard and ask me to apply some to the coffee table. I can see this spiraling downwards into an onerous burden. I don’t want to know what it costs or where to get more, but I’m sure Mr. Norbauer would be happy to provide that information if one were to ask, which I’m not.





In all fairness though, I will almost certainly wax that sucker up before I take it to the next Ohio meetup. I’m not going to lie, I’m shallow like that.

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what’s your opinion on the 9009 kbdfan keys?

I dig them a lot personally. The legends give them a little bit of texture on the top which I enjoy. Great quality (I believe this is their second iteration on this set) dye-sub PBT. One of the very few Topre keycap sets available that I’ve seen (let alone with Mac modifiers at that).

If you don’t want to mess with switching out sliders for MX compatibility, def worth a shot.

These are actually being fulfilled for me. Though they’re coming from here in Silicon Valley as well, the warehouse isn’t open to the public. Apologies.

@norbauer Once the last few heavy 6’s have sold, is there any chance you could share the final production number on each finish/colorway?

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Would you mind sharing the options you chose? They have so many combinations to choose from! TIA

Mini-B 2.0 (Silver) — (Pok3r, FC660, Magicforce, etc)
USB A 2.0 (Silver)
Blue heatshrink
No Techflex

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