The Heavy-6 (now resurrected in polycarbonate)

how would you guys explain the feel of the finishes? It looks like motorsport yellow and aperture are fairly glossy and smooth to the touch, whereas the maritime and retro fridge are more matte. Thoughts?

@pixelpusher That is all correct.

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Welp. I did it.


Just got my Enigma Gray Heavy-6 today and it’s a beaut!


Damn, that looks sharp.

I have my board, but the case won’t get here until Friday. I have the silenced version. Wow… impressive as hell. The bad thing is, after typing on it and going to my zilents, the zilents feel icky.


It’s arrived!


nice combination, man.

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This looks really clean. Where did you get the cable?

Thanks. Coolcables (UK)

Got some sorbothane on order to beef it out and dampen it even more. Thock

Ooh boy.

I’m just going to rub it all day long. Is that okay @norbauer ?

Also, i feel kinda sad that I don’t have more cases with this premium finish. We need all cases to be made this way. It’s luxurious, yet I don’t feel like I have to treat it with kid gloves. I guess the limitation is that the case design would probably need to be seamless.


anyone else getting click / ping / sticky springs on newer fc660c’s? Will this go away or should I try lubing the pcb as tusing suggested :o

Won’t go away - do lube the PCB, it’s a really nice improvement anyways.

The spring click seems to be much more prominent on the new japan fc660c’s than on my other topre boards. This may be highlighted by the fact that this board is also silenced. I will try lubing the pcb with either mechlube 2 or Super Lube 21010 Synthetic Grease

I don’t really find any issues with the build quality of my new quiet FC660C. Maybe I’m just not that picky about my topre :slight_smile:

Le Monolith (x JustSystems RealForce)


Well your post made me get a Motorsport one too :))

Any ideea where can I get a sorbothane sheet to put it in ?

Probably Amazon. I had the one I bought from
@Manofinterests a while back so I’m not sure what size to get from there.

Check post #343 by WXYdd. I got the one he mentioned and it fits great.

Here’s a sound check with a stock low noise FC660C