The Heavy-6


Some pics of the Aperture:

It has a very satisfying finish! Love just rubbing my hands over it, lol.


Ordered a silent FC660C just this week and it finally came so here’s a pic.

Was debating if I should upload since it doesn’t highlight the rose part of the case but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to taking photos in a more natural/white light.

All praise has been said and indeed worthy. Truly a heavy beast and I love it. So shiny! Need to find an artisan or 2 to really spice it up.


I finally got around to taking proper photos of the Royal Wrinkle and Enigma Gray finishes on this design.

More of them on the product page.

As of the moment, I believe I have at least a few of the Enigma Gray in stock.


why must you tempt us so? MUST… RESIST… IN-STOCK… EXTRAS


For reals!