The Heavy-6

Some pics of the Aperture:

It has a very satisfying finish! Love just rubbing my hands over it, lol.


Ordered a silent FC660C just this week and it finally came so here’s a pic.

Was debating if I should upload since it doesn’t highlight the rose part of the case but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to taking photos in a more natural/white light.

All praise has been said and indeed worthy. Truly a heavy beast and I love it. So shiny! Need to find an artisan or 2 to really spice it up.


I finally got around to taking proper photos of the Royal Wrinkle and Enigma Gray finishes on this design.

More of them on the product page.

As of the moment, I believe I have at least a few of the Enigma Gray in stock.


why must you tempt us so? MUST… RESIST… IN-STOCK… EXTRAS


For reals!

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So tempted to pickup a 3rd Heavy 6…

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If something is worth doing…

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Almost 3 months after receiving my Monolith, I am just in love with it as the day I got it. No other keyboard even interests me anymore, they are mild curiosities at best. Nothing even comes close to this beauty. This is everything I wanted in a board, it is my endgame, and I don’t see it being bested any time soon!



I took the Monolith to the Cleveland Meetup and wrote on the card, “Feel free to pick this up”.

That was fun to watch.


Is this board ever going to be restocked? Such as for the currently out of stock colors (aerospace/tactical)? If not, will there be a second round?

Given the limited availability of the underlying keyboard, I don’t have any restock plans, so if you want one, now would be a good time to snag what I have left in stock. :slight_smile:

I see, I’ll have to find the aerospace colorway on the secondhand market, most likely. Your finishes are too nice to recolor.