The Phoenix Project No 1, a PCB replacement for the RAMA M65-A keyboard (now open source !)

If this project can be of use for several old keyboards that would be great!

I forgot the 268 has a blocker, lol.

The m65-a, clsms, and 268 all share the same PCB footprint but that’s partially from the fact that they all have multiple options for the bottom row.

From LZ’s post about the clsms

So it won’t work with the 268 because there’s no 6.25 space bar with 1.25 modifier options.

But it will work with the LZ board. Again, that one already has a large cutout, so there are other options for usb-c replacement if someone needed.

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There have to be people in need at some point for a 268 PCB replacement that won’t want to dremel the case. It’s usb mini and Noxary is gone.

But there weren’t anywhere near the number of boards sold as the m65-a.

If someone was really needing a replacement, you could add bottom row support for it on this PCB.

I guess this is more of a footnote for the project

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Adding this button would not only need (small) modifications to the PCB, but also modifications in the official QMK and VIA repo.
I am not sure I’d commit doing that as of now unfortunately; my brain is also busy on other projects as well :frowning:

But maybe in the future as specific 268 support ?
This way I could adapt best to the platform and it’s original feature, and this could be a Phoenix Project No 2 :wink:
How the 268 has been popular at that time ?

I just noticed the weight on mine says 9/22

So there are probably only 22 in existence. 268.2 switched to usb-C

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Jumping on the bandwagon of people who would like to one or two of these PCBs. My M65a has been acting up and I’d like to get it a new PCB. Do you think you’d be willing to do another run soon? Longshot, but worth an attempt :smiley:

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I may make a batch of 10 solder version in the future


That would be amazing, I’ll keep checking back occasionally for updates!

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I just ordered 10 Solder PCBs and 10 full plates :slight_smile:
@zanduby and others you may be able to acquire replacement PCBs very soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Also note that I have a few half plates remaining for those that are interested.

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Put me down for one solder and one 1/2 plate, good sir. You should still have my PayPal info :slight_smile:

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Super rad, please let me know when those come in, depending on the cost i’d like 2 pcbs and 1 full plate, but will at least commit to 1 of each at this time.

Hello all,

Just a quick message to tell you that I received the 10 Phoenix Project No 1 Type S PCBs (solder variant) and the 10 FR4 full plates!

From a bird eye view everything looks ok, but will of course take time to fully test all of them to be sure.

The white silkscreen looks significantly better than on the previous versions I received: it looks like JLCPCB improved the sharpness of the silkscreen when black soldermask is used.

Another improvement (and new service) is the component baking service, a process to heat components at moderate temperature for several hours to remove moisture.
For example WS2812 leds are known to be very sensitive to moisture and could break during the reflow process. They contacted me, asking if I’d want to bake those components before soldering them (for extra cash of course) witch I accepted.

It is nice to see when a company is constantly improving over time, witch is the case for JLCPCB.


What a great turn around time as well! Please let me know price and we can work a PP invoice or something.

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It is usually very fast indeed, at around 1 week.

Before deciding on price I have to check if all PCBs are working.
I don’t want to make money, but dunno want to sell at a loss either :wink:

I will be out for 2 weeks, so no news till mid/end April unfortunately …

Thanks for setting expectations. It is all good, happy to wait. I’ll keep an eye out :smiley:

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I just returned from holidays and could find time to test all 10 Phoenix Project No 1 Type S PCBs.

They all work just fine, all flashed with official VIA firmware, all RGB leds working and the key matrix fully tested.

Next step is to solder the ESD cable on them.