The return of Keyclack?


we shall see

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I assume this is because of a move or something? Either way, it’s good to see that Keyclack will indeed be coming keyback.


I’ll be honest I have mixed feelings about keyclack, hydro and the BKE redux domes were awesome, but the M65-A PCB they did was terrible and the communication I had with them regarding it was underwhelming to unprofessional. It will be interesting to see what they have up and coming.

Wait what, when did Jchan close KC? I was just on the site no more than a month or so ago, I didn’t buy anything but it seemed like everything was still operational then. :thinking:

yes, it’s been up and running, but now it’s parked until the 22nd. I don’t know if they just need downtime for something or if we’re looking at a relaunch with new products.

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So my two theories are

  1. Site/product lauch/relaunch (likely)
  2. Sold keyclack (unlikely).

Curious to see what will be new, and if we will start seeing a more active community presence from Keyclack.


So It’s the 22nd… I am here and waiting :smiley:

Really thought it would be another color of M-65A


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Isn’t that pretty typical of Keyclack? :joy:

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The site is back. It’s exactly like it was before. :thinking:

Guess it was just taken down for a vacation or something. Oh well.

Still can’t get over that GMK Solarized Dark price. $195 base, $100 color mods.

Big oof