The return of Keyclack?


we shall see

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I assume this is because of a move or something? Either way, it’s good to see that Keyclack will indeed be coming keyback.


I’ll be honest I have mixed feelings about keyclack, hydro and the BKE redux domes were awesome, but the M65-A PCB they did was terrible and the communication I had with them regarding it was underwhelming to unprofessional. It will be interesting to see what they have up and coming.

Wait what, when did Jchan close KC? I was just on the site no more than a month or so ago, I didn’t buy anything but it seemed like everything was still operational then. :thinking:

yes, it’s been up and running, but now it’s parked until the 22nd. I don’t know if they just need downtime for something or if we’re looking at a relaunch with new products.

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So my two theories are

  1. Site/product lauch/relaunch (likely)
  2. Sold keyclack (unlikely).

Curious to see what will be new, and if we will start seeing a more active community presence from Keyclack.


So It’s the 22nd… I am here and waiting :smiley:

Really thought it would be another color of M-65A


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Isn’t that pretty typical of Keyclack? :joy:

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The site is back. It’s exactly like it was before. :thinking:

Guess it was just taken down for a vacation or something. Oh well.

Still can’t get over that GMK Solarized Dark price. $195 base, $100 color mods.

Big oof

Don’t know if you guys noticed, but it looks like Keyclak is probably gone for good now.




Oh man, I hope he’s ok. I just remembered that I bought from them recently. I really hope he’s ok…

Damn I feel really bad now after opening a case after a month of silence :frowning:

Hope everything turns out okay for them.

Man, 2020 can’t go right for anyone, can it?

I wish them luck.

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I really hope he’s alright.

I’m waiting for the BKE to restock, does it means no more BKE domes?

Sounds like he won’t be fulfilling any more orders. Maybe he will sell the stock off to another vendor.


I know OCO is really cool about buying stock from other people. Hopefully he picks it up and we can still have BKE domes circulating in the community.