The Silo Beam Switch - Beam Spring switches for the modern era



Even for entering numbers not sure why you really would need a numpad. Just use Qmk layer and a ortholinear keyboard and you’ve got the equivalent of a numpad.


What if people just like a thing


I love the nonchalant “just” use an ortholinear keyboard. That’s a pretty drastic solution considering ortholinear is a very niche option.


Fine they can just like it, but then they shouldn’t claim that it is absolutely needed.


Is there a rational reason to not use an ortholinear (or better columnar staggered) keyboard?
IMHO there isn’t a good reason rather than “it’s what I’m used too”.

I said ortholinear, because I suspect a lot of people do not realize that they like the numpad so much because it is ortholinear (and not staggered).


Why use even an ortholinear when there are ergonomic keyboards (maltron & friends) available already?

It’s not like using product FOO over BAR is ever rational. Rationality is silly and depending on perspective, which in itself is subjective.

As a more concrete reason not to use a ortho - my pinkies are too short, and I can’t comfortably use a grid-style ortho. So no rational reason to use orthos for me, even though I do because I enjoy it.


Wow, this is really exciting! I’ve never tried a beam spring but really want to.
That said, I will never buy a full size keyboard, or even TKL. Since so many of us in the community are fans of smaller boards, I hope you will consider offering a more compact option.
Best of luck for this project!