The Van Keyboards is shutting down

Just got an email from @evangs and now I’m sad.

Quoting here since I haven’t seen anyone else post about it yet:

Dear friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this email. After three years and many accomplishments, I have decided to close TVK. I am so thankful for all the support that has been shown to me and the crew over the last few years. Together we have made some really neat custom keyboards.

In the coming month I will be shipping all outstanding orders. I have a few case runs completing production this week. Any extras are available on the site at the link below. If you want to grab a keyboard there is limited stock available, don’t wait too long.

1. Why are you closing shop?
This is a decision I have been thinking about for the last year and a half. TVK no longer aligns with my goals. TVK takes a lot of resources to run (time, money, etc) and I no longer wish to put in what is required.
2. What about open orders?
All open orders will be shipping out in the next month or so. I know some of them have been open a long time. I’m sorry it has taken as long as it has. I will be shipping everything owed.
3. Can I still order a keyboard?
Yes, anything in stock on the site is available until sold out.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.




Just saw this too. Pretty upsetting. I love my minivan


Godspeed, @evangs.


In my opinion the minivan layout was revolutionary. Not perfect, but it was the first design that got me thinking that maybe there are still layouts out there waiting to be discovered.

This is a sad day, but I’ve always felt like his heart wasn’t in it ever since the Hubcaps failed. You can’t run a company off of a single compact layout. I was so excited for Hubcaps too.

The legacy of the Minivan shall live on in our hearts and those that it has inspired.


We can jabber all we want about the failure of HuB and the arguable overpricing of the Minivan, but we need to be honest here - we just lost one of the better names in our community. I never much cared for the Minivan, but I’ll be sad to see the good ol’ Van Man go.


Very sad news but I can understand if running the business isn’t sustainable. TVK was a staple in our community and will be missed. Good luck Evan.


It’s incredibly unfortunate that Evan is closing shop, but I think it’s better for him to do so if he thinks it’s not working out anymore. I don’t know anything about the ~drama~ that people were talking about when this was posted to Reddit, but the minivan was one of the earliest iterations of sub-60% keyboards that I remember seeing pop up. And now the community is absolutely saturated with them. I can’t imagine it’s easy trying to compete with all the other options these days.

Anyway, best of luck @evangs. I can only hope that you’ll stay active in the community after closing the shop :slightly_smiling_face:


: (

This is a bummer.


My first keyboard love :sob:


They’ve been really dragging their feet on the MiniVan revival - the frustration with them over this on the 40% discord is palpable.