These cheap(ish) SA doubleahots on Drop

Just noticed this doubleahot SA keyset in a Skii Dolcha type colorway up on Drop:

Not sure who Domikey are and what the quality will be like. Some people in the comments over on Drop suggest they are using old Maxkey molds (SHIF T), so the quality should be on par with Maxkey sets, but the compatibility is much better, and for a lot of layouts it’s quite cheaper than a Maxkey set (you can cover a 60% or a TKL for $50.

This is one of my favorite colorways, and seems like a good way to get in on some SA action without spending an obscene sum of money. (haven’t tried SA yet, so I’m not sure if I’ll like to type on it). Still, I’m a bit skeptical. What do you guys think?

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I actually don’t think these are the old Maxkey molds, they just have similar kerning problems. AFAIK, Maxkey has always used “FIO” for their F10 legend, like SP does. This appears to use FI0.

Also, if the pictures on the overview page are correct (are those renders?) the pipe key is clearly different.


I think these would be a decent & inexpensive way to try out SA caps. I’ve never really heard of Domikey either & can’t speak to their products quality. Although they did sell a Cherry profile set in the same colorway a few weeks back on drop. I doubt anyone got theirs yet, but check the reviews on that. Maybe they sent out a few sample kits to people in the community & there is one or two up?

I ordered this set for the fiancée, I’m very impressed with the quality. I’d say they are on par with SP.

Note: I haven’t mounted all of them. They are an x-mass present. shh :wink:


They are closer to Maxkey than SP, but still good quality keys. They come in some of the best trays i have seen on the market, and i got one set in a nice shoe-box kind of thing of rather high quality. In terms of key weight they are in between Maxkey and SP (with SP being the heaviest).

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Not sure how common is that, but this is what I got with my domikeys
Drop support contacted a week ago, and no response from them
Payment was already done a couple of months ago, so I can’t get a refund

(I also tried putting the keycap on another switch, still looks crooked)

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If you swap the N and M key’s around is the N still crooked?

Tried it already

That’s a bummer. Hopefully drop will get back to you. The Skii Dolcha Domikey set that I got for my wife, didn’t have any issues like that. :frowning:

Might be worth trying to reach out to them again, since it’s been over a week.

Yeah, I’ve done that today.
Drop really have gotten worse this year.

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I honestly haven’t directly bought any thing from them, since they changed from Massdrop to Drop…

If they have something that I wan’t I’ll, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days, I’ll check Amazon first.

I <3 Amazon
They had free shipping to Israel before covid
Wish it would resume soon, but didn’t really think about buying keys there

I think you could straighten it by placing in in hot water and then try to rotate it there slowly.

Guess you could use a switch for holding the stem…

There was a tutorial on this for spacebar warp but donno where I’ve seen it, so I guess you could experiment with hot water and then trying to rotate the keycap while it’s still warm

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be careful getting it hot, ABS has a much lower melting point than PBT. Well under boiling should be safe though.

That’s a pretty good idea
I thought I would have to cut the stem of then glue a new one

a keycap stem might snap off in the keycap… maybe take something like this metal lego axel and see if you can file it down to the mx mount size…

@omni96 its a bit extensive but for a buddy one time we burrowed out the stem fitting on the bottom of the cap then filled with hot plastic and pushed the stem (from the switch) in there and fit it back onto the switch so it lined up. it will basically make the switch only useable with that cap but once it was on the board it looked like nothing had ever happened. Again annoying to do, but my OCD hurts seeing that and i would be upset.

Hey. You could use modeling clay for that, right? It would be plastic and then harden if you leave it a day or two? Could pull it off that way later on and remake it for another switch if needed

I’ll wait for a proper response
(for now I got a response about them being busy)

Otherwise I’ll use epoxy to glue on a stem from a switch I don’t use

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This is how I added center stems on my 6u spacebars. Should be similar in your case just that I’m thinking is going to be a PITA to cut the bad stem.

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