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I like this format a lot! A nice short video that fills us in on what we may have missed during the week, good look Huey! Speaking of missing out this was the first I’ve heard of the Arctos switches, not sure what to think of them TBH. I guess I’ll have to get some samples before judging them, but I do foresee some major possible problems for them. First off, they’re using a Krytox mix which is kinda an outed way to go about it IMO given we have access to products like Tribosys 3204/3 & Krytox GPL20x grade 0 that achieve the same viscosity in a single product.

Also what about those of us who would prefer to lube our switches ourselves &/or want to use Arctos switches for swapping/modding? I know I’m not paying over $0.70 a switch that needs cleaned before I can do what I want with it & think that sentiment will be shared by most of the community. Just seems like they would’ve much better served bringing the switches out with no factory lubing or the usual tiny drop on the contact legs & offered the lubed variants at the higher prices. That way it appeals to all enthusiasts, cause I just don’t see the people who want a pre-lubed switch being the majority. Kinda seems like they are cutting their own balls off with this IMO, guess we’ll have to wait & see how the community takes to these?


I should be getting review units this week for Arctos, I’m really curious to see how they turn out :eyes:


November 26th 2018 Episode :slight_smile:

Keycap Sets

IC: GMK Achromatic:

IC: SA 128K:

IC: GMK Omega:

IC: GMK Hammerhead:

IC: DSA Frost:

GB: GMK Calm Depths:


GB: Wasdat WASD TKL Controller:

IC: Foldable Mechanical Keyboard:

IC: Wireless Split 3D Ergo Keyboard:

IC: The KBA-1:


IC: Xiang Ming KSB Alps Clones:

GB: the nuts start tomorrow:

RamaWorks Stabilizer Guide:


Didn’t even knew you did this, but now I do please allow me to give my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:
Not gonna talk about the actual info, just about the setup. I watched the last two and what’s kinda bothering me (personally) is the changes in lighting and background. In my opinion the show could benefit from a single setup that’s used every week (and yes I’m generous, you can put some different items in the background :P, as long as 80% is the same) and the same lighting. It’s kinda triggering me. Other than that, keyboard stuff on youtube is rarely a bad thing :slight_smile:


I definitely agree a more consistent setup would benefit the show. For the next couple weeks, I’ll most likely still be making changes to lighting since the lighting still isn’t ideal and can be improved upon.

For the background, I think that position is probably the best. It’s most adaptive for certain lighting situations I want to try out, and it’s pretty easy to decorate hehe.

Thanks for the feedback, I hope you can bear with me while I work on improving the lighting to be even better :slight_smile:



IC: GMK Keycaps Ideas by Flawless:

GB: SA Bla_ks (Black White):

Grab bags tomorrow at PMK:

DSA Galactic Empire on Kono and Novelkeys


GB: Tai-Chi:

IC: BnB87 TKL: [IC] BnB87 TKL


Massdrop Holy Pandas:

3d Printed Switch Bottoms?:


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GMK Jamon coming soon announcementón_coming_soon/


SingaKBD Restocks Polycarb Singa75s

Duck Orion V3 FCFS Groupbuy

Fjell Classic R3 Soon;boardseen#new

GB: Reflex & Paradox GB

IC: Foxlabs Leaf 60


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New Years Eve Episode!

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This week in keyboards, many big yikes by big names.