Thoughts on plateless bottom burger mount?

I am wondering if anyone has experience a plateless, burger bottom mount board? I know this has been implemented in the idb60.

Finally got my GB (BOCC, more than two years later :weary:). Originally I got a polycarbonate plate, but during the wait, I have already experimented with this. Curious about trying something new.

My plan is to probably burger mount the PCB regardless, just wondering if I should use a plate or not. I think my gut feeling is that the experience would be a pretty small change, the plate is almost just as flex as no plate it seems. Is it worth having a plateless build in your arsenal?

Thanks everyone! Happy Holidays.

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I’d totally say so.

Since plates have such an impact on sound and feel, going commando is such a different experience all around. If I do end up needing a plate, I tend to stick with FR4 for it’s comparable characteristics.

On the flip side, a fat plate like this would be too good to pass up trying. Lol.

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Thank you for the advice. I think I am leaning towards the plate-less, however the poly-carb in my limited testing seems so flex-y it is almost like 80% towards plate-less.

Good point on the sound! My gut feeling right now is the poly-carb plate would almost be the same.

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