Tsangan plate design files

I just ordered a Tsangan POM plate from Ponoko. In doing so, I created a KLE JSON file then used http://builder.swillkb.com/ to style (Ponoko requires line color to be blue and line width to be 0.01mm) and generate SVG, DXF, and EPS files.

I’ve open sourced them here:

Order details:

  • 15’‘x15’’ sheet of 0.62’’ inch (~1.5mm) POM (aka Delrin)
  • around $20 for the mat and $8 for the lasercut
  • they offered coupon code for $20 discount on mat for first order.
  • but shipping from SF to my house (30mi away) was $10 something.
  • final cost to me was $21 something.

This is my first order at Ponoko using these files so, if you want to order the same, please wait until I can confirm all is well by actually using the plate on a board.

UPDATE: The sheet was large enough to make 3 plates but I didn’t have time to pack the layout. Please share if you do.

UPDATE2: I was able to ask Ponoko to replace the original design with a packed version. This raised the cost by $12.27. I’ve updated the repo with tsangan-15x15.xxx files. No DXF file cuz I used Affinity Design to edit and there was no DXF export option.


Yes please let us know how it goes. I’ve been wanting to try out a POM plate for awhile, but worry about swillkb or ai03’s plate generator accuracy. ai03 is supposed to be better on the accuracy & ease of use fronts, but while I have designed plates with both I have never pulled the trigger on ordering them as I was concerned whether or not the files I created would end up getting cut like I was assuming they would.