TX Keyboards Switch Slider Picker


And all my prayers were answered.


Good find!

Too bad I’m not in the US …

TX has an international store! - https://txkeyboards.com/

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Is this recent ?

The split of US/International store is new, but TX Keyboards has been doing this for quite a while.

Good to know.
And don’t know why I thought that I could not order from them …

I dunno, I’m not sure I see the need, tweezers work pretty good for me

Noice. I’ve been using a gem holder which uses four thin wires to grab the stem. This one appears to use 4 jaws which should hold more securely.

Yeah, I’ve been using a similar thing with three wires. This seems like it’d be a better & sturdier grip.

Exactly. I ordered two just now, one for me and another for paranoid me.


Yeah I caved & grabbed one when I saw it had nice, wide fingers. I always end up just holding the stems in my fingers when lubing them, cause with tweezers & even hemostats I always end up dropping a lubed stem or two on the ground. I got dogs so that’s no bueno. I have thought of grabbing one of the other IC holders, but was put off by the fact that just three pretty thin wires were all that hold with them.


Before, I used a clothespin.

This will be a massive improvement.


What exactly does this do? Sorry if it’s a novice question, but I’ve never seen anything similar to this.

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It holds the slider when you disassemble a switch, so that you can lube it without dropping it or getting your hands dirty!

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Huh. I might pick one of these up with some 205g2 next time I buy from TX. Thanks for the info!

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Get 205G0 unless you are planning on mixing the 205G2 with a GPL oil. The higher the grade no. the more viscous the Krytox formula is. G2 is unusable on it’s own IME, just too thick. The lower the NLGI grade the more fluid the formula will be, the higher the more solid it will be. I’d love to try out some GPL205 G00 or G000, but those are special order formulations from the producers & that much more expensive because of that AFAIK.

Good to know. I haven’t actually ever lubed switches before (though I have lubed stabs) and I’ve heard really nice things about the 205g0 Zealios + brass plate combo in terms of sound and feel.

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Add a foam like something from mkultra and you’re :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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I thought about that. I have foam in my 65% that I use daily and absolutely love it. Sounds so rich on an aluminum plate. Do you know if he custom-cuts foam?

He absolutely does! His backlog is super full right now, but he custom cut for my Tofu HHKB.