Unicomp Mini M SSK prototype first look, overview and experience

Hi all, new here! I’m shark, usually found on deskthority and my subreddit r/ModelM. I thought I’d share this with y’all.

About a month ago, I was contacted by Unicomp to help critically review a prototype of the now-March coming Mini M. This is my article on my experience with the Mini M over the last three weeks, some details of the Mini M’s new features, and how/what I reported to Unicomp as things to fix/improve! If you have any questions about the Mini M or the experience, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

The article:
Typing demo:

Note: this is a prototype keyboard, thus not fully representative of the final product coming next month.


Please convince them to release a beige one :pray:


They will…in 2025 :smiley:


In 2025 we will still be waiting for the Matias 60%


Damn, this might be my first Model M, then. Since they fixed the rollover issues in the original models, I wasn’t looking for one too heavily, and I always thought that the Unicomp boards were too big to justify a home on my desk… but this may be the one.


I can try lol


Indeed, I think this sort of response is something they may get quite a bit of.


Thanks for the awesome in depth write up @SharktasticA! I’ve never been hugely into Model M or Fs, but this thing is looking nicer & nicer the more I hear. Also the price is very nice. Might have to grab one soon! Especially now that I’ve seen Unicomp sent protos out to some Model M enthusiasts for feedback so can they can refine the Mini M before production runs start! :+1:


No problem! :smiley:


Can you describe the typing feel? Does it feel any lighter/heavier compared to the older original Space Saver M?

I wish they did away with the status lights on top :frowning:

  • Est. Reading Time: 8.08 minutes

Just want to acknowledge and give a specific thumbs-up for including that. Thanks, m8. :+1:

Great write-up and photos!


Allowing for some manufacturing tolerances, they’re about as heavy as each other. Whilst the membrane has been upgraded, the springs and hammers are the same as they’ve always been.

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Thanks, glad you liked the article and appreciated the reading time estimate! :smiley:

Minor update: I’ve added a photo of the backplate at the end. (warning: it’s very anticlimactic! :sweat_smile:)

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LGR tried out one of the new Model F capacitive buckling spring keyboards. Looks amazing.

It’s super heavy!

I expect them to sell out after being on LGR. It already crashed their website 15 minutes after the video went live.

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I realize they Unicomp is using the manufacturing techniques of old which I can appreciate, but I am little disheartened that they are still using plastic rivets to secure the back plate. Not looking forward to bolt modding a 2021 keyboard as it ages, lol.

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forgot that I ordered one until I just got this email:


Nice! Hope you like it!

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Not looking forward to bolt modding a 2021 keyboard as it ages, lol.

Literally, companies making hardware inspired by the legendary older hardware should realize it’s ok to actually improve common big pain points of the products, while leaving all else as authentic as possible. I don’t think anyone would miss plastic rivets on Ms.

On that topic, how are doing in that aspect?


I got mine about a week ago and it’s been great so far (plugged into a Hasu USB to USB Converter). I don’t think I’ve ever felt such stiff springs on a Model M before (not saying this is a bad thing). I may pick up a small USB A (device side) to USB C adapter so I can run my usual cable.

On a side note, I wonder if bolt modding this outright will make it feel even more solid than it is or if it would be a waste at this point? I have a three gen 2 Model Ms and an old Unicomp M to bolt mod – I may just order supplies for the Mini M too just in case.

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