Upcoming Leopold 660 projects

I love the Leopold FC660 platform (both MX and Topre) and I’m starting a thread here to track upcoming projects related to this board.

Let me know if there is a more appropriate tag or established topic for this, and if I can add more information, tag the creator, etc.

Here are the following potential products I’ve seen for the FC660:


PNPKey Ingot66: a brass case for the FC660C (GH thread)

SZ660C/ALTCTRL: Alt Controller with companion MXALPS PCB/Plate for Leopold FC660C (IC on r/mm)


@r4bbl3d4bbl3’s 660C-X: MX Compatible PCB for FC660C aftermarket case (IC on Keebtalk)


Hey, this is cool! Thanks for the mention!


saw you’d commented on the MX-ALPS plate thread too so I got hype, maybe my fave board is going to get some upgrade love this year. looking forward to your updates since i finally got a Heavy-6 :grinning: