URSA keycaps profile for Topre keyboards: it's happening!

It’s been a long time coming but Topre keyboard users are finally getting what they deserve: nice keycaps! This new profile, designed by the talented u/23_Andreas, is a spherical sculpted keycaps profile for Topre keyboards. You heard that right, no need to mod switches, or mount weird adapters that may ruin your keyboard experience, URSA keycaps are injected with Topre-compatible stems. And the best part is they are double shot PBT, which is basically the best option out there to get crisp, perfectly aligned legends and vivid colors.

If you didn’t remember, Andreas posted about it back then in another post (some info over there are now outdated!).

While we are figuring out the details, you may subscribe on our website to be notified when news come out. We’ll be having a survey very soon, to present the first colorway and make sure we know what colors/layouts you want or need!

Here is what we know so far:

  • Topre stems (of course)
  • Doubleshot PBT (the crème de la crème)
  • Compatible with HHKB, Realforce and Leopold keyboards (no ISO/JIS for now)
  • Fine legends, by an experienced designer (name reveal in a few weeks, so again, subscribe to be notified)
  • Will ship at least from US and Europe
  • 2 kits (note: legends have not been designed yet, but you may click the links below to check the kits’ content):
    • Base kit: supports HHKB and FC660C
    • Extension kit: adds support for RF 87U, RF TKL, RF 84U, RF 86U, RF 104U, FC980C, Topre Type Heaven
  • Price: TBA (but we promise it won’t be so crazy!)

More information, renders and design concepts on our website.

Stay tuned for the next update, once we confirm the legend designer and are able to show more about what the first set will look like!


Thank you, Simon, for posting the exciting news.

I’m so energized to see URSA become a reality, and I feel FK is the perfect place to be. It’s been a pleasure to meet and work with Simon for the past weeks. And there will be more exciting news to share soon.

A big-hearted thank you for the encouragement and support from all of you. :heart:



Looking forward to the first colorway and I’ve resubscribed. Looking for some new keycaps for my 980c and HHKB!


I could cry tears of joy! Thank you!


So exciting! Makes me happy to see projects like this blossom.

Edit: @fkcaps - I’m trying to subscribe on the site, but the filter meant to exclude spam entries in the field won’t accept the top level domain in my email address. The TLD is “.studio” and the email address is david@switchbox.studio - worse come to worse I’ll just keep my eyes peeled for updates. :3



I’m pretty danged excited.

I need so many sets.


oh good catch, it should be fixed now, thanks for pointing it out!


One day I’ll finally purchase a Topre board, and this will be the set I’ll put on it.

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Oh yes, it’s time to replace hipro :saluting_face:

Yep, it works now - I’m subscribed. Thanks!


ec native caps – the dream – soon.

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