[US-MI] [H] Drop Black on White, Drop Susuwatari, Drop White on Black, GMK Hennessey, GMK Nines, & more [W] Paypal

All items sold

Starting to realize what I like to spend money on and dont like so want to get rid of a bunch of stuff — everything listed has been used (except for the mda vision keycaps), the gmk nines have a decent shine, and I didn’t do anything with the switches. Hope the prices all seem fair, at the least they’re all less than what I paid. And I’m not posting on mechmarket because I dont got the karma.




Item (w/ link from where I purchased) imgur_link Want Price I Paid
Drop MT3 Black on White Base Kit ~~https://imgur.com/a/MKjha2H~~ $85 + shipping $110
Drop MT3 Susuwatari Base Kit ~~https://imgur.com/a/rIVwCtt~~ $90 + shipping $120
Drop MT3 White on Black ~~https://imgur.com/a/QngBDJa~~ $85 + shipping $110
Melgeek MDA Vision (PBT) ~~https://imgur.com/a/4zBpJRI~~ $60+ shipping $90
Melgeek MG Dusk (ABS) ~~https://imgur.com/a/CDViY0v~~ ~~$70 + shipping Bought as a set with case: $160~~
GMK Hennessey ~~https://imgur.com/a/UAooeM1~~ $110 + shipping $125
GMK Nines ~~https://imgur.com/a/e3LX0dA~~ $130 + shipping $240 (I was hasty in wanting to experience GMK)
NK Box Creams (70) ~~https://imgur.com/a/NMPFOkK~~ $30 + shipping $49
Everglide Dark Jade (70) ~~https://imgur.com/a/uXTOaQE~~ $35 + shipping $77.38

And if anyone is interested I have the black polycarb case that came with the mg dusk keycaps (see bottom left case at link). In total, I paid $160 for the keycaps, case, and I think gat yellows. It was one of my first cases and on the exterior there are no scratches and everything works including bluetooth; but plate is scratched up, not so professionally pasted modular foam from kbd between the plate and pcb, poorly lubed clip-in stabs (it was my first time), and hastily cut silicone under the pcb.


Great prices! Sadly, I don’t need any of this. I have too many keycaps as it is!


If my wallet wasn’t already DOA from GMK Oblivion, Nines would be mines. Some lucky someone will snatch those up for sure.

Any bundle prices? :eyes: you got me interested

for @Manofinterests of course! your vids are one of the reasons i got into this hobby. feel free to message me with what you’re thinking. very much looking to get the items i listed out so i can focus on the parts of the hobby that i enjoy.

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Also just want to be up front … got enough karma on r/mechmarket to post there as well so I’ve done that. But I obviously won’t be auctioning any of these items – only difference in the r/mechmarket post is that I bundled the mojo 60 pieces together. First come, first serve.

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Susuwatari doesn’t have the Jiji key, correct? If it does I would take it immediately.

Nope, it doesn’t, sorry about that!

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Some items sold, cut prices on most of the remaining.

Remaining items sold … now trying to resist dumping the proceeds on the aluvia keycaps. I have a feeling that I will fail.

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don’t do it!