[US-NV] WTB 60-65% board

Looking for a NK65, Tofu, or similar 60-65% board. With or without switches and looking for something with a solid case, the heavier the better. Thanks in advance for any info or offers!

Cheers :beers:

Probably not at all what you’re after, but I have a massdrop inifnity 60% with a white plastic case, blank black DSA caps, and matias click switches that I’ve been looking to unload like forever

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Thanks for the awesome offer! Perfect color but am hoping to find an aluminum case.

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I figured haha

Got some stuff listed here including a Tofu and a WKL hotswap Tofu.

I have a HHKB Tofu (hotswap) with a gray top and 2 different bottoms: blue and green. Very lightly used if not like new.


Sent you a pm