Vortex PC Jr Tribute

Vortex post on Deskthority looks pretty sweet!


Less true to the original than the CA66, but at the same time it is cleaner looking. I hope they bring it to market.


Oh man that’s pretty cool I hope they release it

Very nifty.

I kinda like it :slight_smile:

I like this a lot. Very professional looking!

It almost makes me wish it had a big ass enter.


They’re also set to do a Model M SSK and M-1011A(?) ‘tribute’ too. I’m in for all of them. My CA66 is my most favourite board. I’m a sucker for bezels and vintage style.

On Instagram they told me February was the date for pre orders on the PCJr, hopefully they’ll come through with the others.

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I just tried to preorder this from Vortex and their checkout system doesn’t seem to allow me to choose anything other than FedEx Priority shipping… but then at checkout it says that shipping is not available. Has anyone successfully preordered this board in the US?

I should probably just wait and see if mechanicalkeyboards.com will stock these, since they usually carry vortex boards.

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:crossed_fingers: I’m hoping mechanicalkeyboards.com will end up stocking them too

@pixelpusher I had no problem. I ordered on the first day and was order #4 apparently :rofl: Maybe it was your choice of switch? Or they are out of inventory already?

I just picked Red since this is Hotswap and I’ll be trading them out post haste.

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I was also able to order it, can confirm

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I thought this might be the case because I ordered Milky white switches but

Hmmm… Maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow???

Got it to work! I just used PayPal this time instead of trying to enter my Credit Card.


I also used Paypal for mine; maybe they have an issue with processing int’l credit cards?

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Great find, ordered immediately.
Managed to find EU vendor (KBt RE: 66 Keyboard (ISO-DE) | Candykeys), they even have ISO-DE layout :slight_smile:


Did anyone get their board yet? I see some have been delivered , but I haven’t had any updates on my order.

Still waiting as well! No update on my order yet; hopefully we get our tracking #s soon :crossed_fingers:

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Anyone got their tracking info yet? :upside_down_face:

Nada. Covid lockdowns continue.

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Woo I finally got my tracking!


Me too! Looks like we all ordered the 66 key - did anyone order a 68 key?

Me three!

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