We need a Verified User mark On the Avatar


I’m not sure if this is possible in Discourse. We need a verified mark on the avatar icon for verified users, much like how Twitter is doing this. For instance, how do we know whether Clack Factory is a real person or an impersonator. Or Bro Caps. Or Booper or some vendor from GH? @norbauer


We’ve been having issues with name sniping already. Someone took Zeal and ZealPC before the real Zeal came over, and there’s both ripster55 and Ripster here.


Yup, which is why a mod-verified name and indication will solve this issue.


This is a great idea, not sure how to apply it though. Would be easy to create a badge for it, but that would only show if you took the time to look at the persons profile.


Are there any sort of personal tags available that would show when you click their name? Otherwise a badge with a high priority level could also be the first one to show up when you click a name.


Is there something that can be done with user types? It looks like that’s always first and most are set as basic right now, which I am guessing is related to number of posts, but if there’s different user groups, that might be a way to do it, especially if you can define the group name.

For instance, here: (https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-stylizing-usergroups/40368) on the discourse pages, they have different groups after their username. Verified vendor or something sounds doable. And it shows in the forum. There is also a name there that is not a group or not visible as one that’s labeled “senior tester” Perhaps there’s a way to add text after the name to indicate verification.


:heart: Love that the names you mention for verified users are those of makers. Respect.




yeah this would be great, i have already encountered ripster55 and tiny accounts, and it would be nice to know if they were real :upside_down_face:


Done. I’ve added a Verified badge/checkmark and added it to the Zeal and Ripster profiles, both of which we have verified. We’ll be happy to do this for any similar situations.

cc @lekashman and @Manofinterests


I would recommend a thread to request verification, or would you want this handled within mod mail?


I think that if an avatar mark/badge isn’t possible, an icon or flair next to the username would be an alternative path.


I am as real as endgame boards are real :wink:


Yeah, a flair would’ve been much better.


lol the plot thickens


How does one verify themselves?


Just post here: User Verification Badge

Please be patient, though, as it’s going to take some time to get everybody from other sites verified.


wow, that seems like a lot of work for the mod/admin. I was just thinking along the line of verifying vendors /makers, not every users!


lol. Yeah, me too. @Manofinterests is apparently just a glutton for punishment.


This is an example of what I’m referring to. Notice the Avatar has a board icon for verified user. And for user use supported via Patreon, there’s an API that match Patreon user email and if matches, the word “Patreon” appears.

Made it easier to verify a vendor who’s legit. Or a patrons who Patreoned.