What are you waiting for?

I didn’t see a topic for things we’ve ordered (and probably forgotten about). Sometimes it’s good to get it out both to revive your own memory, but also to interest others (or make them jelly).

I’ll start. I’m currently waiting (sometimes patiently, sometimes not) for:

Edit 2023-09-09: pushed another keycap set and a crazy obsessive book about keyboards onto the stack

  • MBK Legend (Almost a year now, I think?)
  • Black MBK blanks
  • Choc sockets

I’m convinced my entire brain is just a cat’s-cradle of things that remind me of other things.


Stuff I will definitely get:
My cap from my win in Nightcaps MysteryMe@ts 2022 raffle
Wilba Tech Salvation
Wilba Tech Thermal +
GMK Dolch R5 + Extension kit
GMK Colorchrome
GMK Dandy (light base)

Stuff that I most likely got beat on: :angry:
Rukia (I hope Jaxx is enjoying his homemade ice-cream in the super secure SCIF :rofl:)
Monoflex (Santiago went off the grid completely & the manu is gonna scrap the materials since he never paid for them…)

In both cases I paid with PayPal & didn’t ask for a new invoice before the 180 days of protection they give you were up. So I’m now stuck ride or die with both GBs. GB pro tip, always ask for a new invoice before the 180 days are up as it will extend the buyer protection for another 180 days. I knew this but let it slip my mind in the craziness of racing to finish our exterior jobs before winter at work.


Oh, stuff I’m waiting on…


  • GMK Awaken
  • GMK Minimal2
  • GMK Serenity
  • GMK Noire
  • CAPS Heavy Industry Dark


  • Ikki68 Aurora R2 Clear w/ some extra plates


  • KBD67L Lavender

Other Keeb Parts:

  • Various PCBs and silicone mounts to fill-out my extra KBD67L cases… I have plans for these. >:3


  • Look, some things stay between me and my therapist, ok? :wink:
  • Just kidding; today I ordered some TTC Matrix Tactiles
  • As well as BOX Mute Jades
  • Yesterday I signed up for some Epsilons
  • I think that might actually be it for this week :upside_down_face:

Let’s see:



Hello M0110



GMK Civilization

KAM Soaring Skies (maybe I forget but think so)

KAT Mizu (long wait on this one)

MT3 Elvish (delayed til February)

Maybe ePBT Soju?

Probably some more I’m forgetting. Sigh.

  • Quarkeys Z60
  • Ikki Aurora R2
  • PBT Milkshake
  • GMK Dracula

There is only one thing that I am truly waiting for:

  • Zealios Clickiez

I have my pre-order in for that. I can’t wait to see how they compare to other Clicky switches.

Now, if we’re talking what I have on order:

  • Kaihl box Jade, Pink, Navy and White switches
  • Several more deskmats
  • Several more key cap sets
  • Redragon 70 Key keyboard
  • Hello Ganss 71 Key keyboard

The only part of that list I’m really waiting for is the switches. The mats and key caps are more fun bits to have around. The Redragon and Hello Ganss keyboards are basically evaluation pieces, and me being a completist in this odd niche of keyboard layouts I’m in.

EDIT: Oh! I forgot about a big one:

  • Ducky One 3 TKL.

I ordered it months ago, and it’s supposed to come in next week, I think. Don’t know how long the shipping will take.


I keep a list of GBs I’m waiting for on my fridge so I don’t lose track of them lol

Currently waiting on:

  • GMK Monokai, Novelkeys, est Q1 22
  • GMK Zooted RAMA artisan, Novelkeys, est Q2 22
  • GMK Shoko, Kono, est Q1 22
  • GMK BRG, Cannonkeys, est Q3 22
  • GOCF Heavy Grail, Norbauer, est February
  • BNR1v2, Dangkeebs, est Q1 22

Oh heck! I forgot about that one, ha… nothing like writing-out a list to make one realize it’s a bit longer than once thought.


GMK Stealth
KAT Cyberspace
KAT Space Dust
KAM Superuser

KL-90 Polycarbonate
Ava (delays for orders with PC, stainless steel, or brass parts in them)

I also cancelled a KAT Atlantis order or I’d be waiting for that until the heat death of the universe.


It looks like there are just three things left in the note I keep in my phone; the lowest it’s been in a long time. Anymore I have group buy fatigue and am just really not interested in the risk/drama/shitshow that a lot of them have had and now lead times are so long it’s just been harder and harder to justify. I find myself way more willing to spring for in stock stuff. I know I’ve posted about it on here before but the group buy model was never meant for the scale of stuff we are seeing today and I’m just over it. Group buys made sense when it was like yeah we need 30 people to hit this price break or moq or whatever but now we have these big vendors they ought to just go and buy the stuff and then sell it either as in stock or buy some quantity and sell through, but massdrop is the only one that seems to be willing to do so. I’ve also been more focused on some project and tracking down the pieces I want rather than getting new stuff, I realized I had like five to ten somewhat functioning or unfinished board sitting around.

Anyway, here’s what I’m waiting for:

  • Noxary 280 - what a joke I think we’re at three years I’m pretty certain I get it but like I doubt it was worth a three year wait
  • KAT slurp
  • A CRP set? Idk my just says “crp” and I’m feeling too lazy to check

I got mine a while back, but I’m still waiting on the 220 numpad. At this point he’s just given up on finding an factory that can color match anodizing, and he’s shipping the boards. So I paid $300 for a numpad, which I never use, and only bought because it matched the TKL.

  • For my NK65 Oblivion to ship
  • For Gateron Usagi to ship
  • For paycheck to get another DZ60, new stabs, new lube, and WoB keycaps for my Monon60
  • For my Watara Supervision to arrive
  • For a nicely priced OG Cherry doubleshot keycap set to pop up on ebay
  • For one of the keyboards i’m scouting to pop up on ebay

New parts to rebuild my beloved Katana60

  • ePBT Be The One
  • ePBT Scandi
  • GMK ThinkCaps

Waiting for the following keyboards:

  • @Ellipse’s F77 Model F
  • @Dr.Doof’s P4KCR3 aka “Poo Poo Pee Pee Keyboard Carnival Round Three”

And for the following keysets (quite a lot):

  • KAT Refined BOW and WOB.
  • GMK Lunar.
  • GMK Dolch R5.
  • DSS Late Harvest.
  • CRP R4 Japanese and Arabic sublegends.
  • GMK Olive R2.

In order of buying.

  • HMKB
    :no_entry_sign:* UD_40 :no_entry_sign: (got sick of it and canceled)
    :white_check_mark:* Kolkraba deskmat :white_check_mark:
    :white_check_mark: GMK N9 Ortholinear Add-on Kit :white_check_mark:

Everything SHOULD arrive Q1 :crossed_fingers:


Dang dude that sucks. Yeah I guess I just picked the wrong color (purple) because that’s the last one. tbh from the pics I saw I didn’t even like the purple that much, I’m hoping seeing it irl changes my mind. I wish there had been real samples of the colors at the start.

Only think on my list is EPBT Ramenstop

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