What do you consider the Miata/MX-5 of the Mechanical Keyboard World?

I ask my self this question every now and then because… I don’t know. I used to think it was the poker 2 or pok3r, but nowadays with the lack of popularity those boards are facing, I’m thinking the crown might have been handed over to the anne pro 2.

So what is a Miata/MX-5?
It’s a lightweight inexpensive 2 seater roadster/convertible/sportscar. Typically popularized by the fact that it is extremely fun despite its lower pricepoint and high level of customizability for some of the older models.

I still think a tray mount with swappable plate, pcb, and other components really completes the car analogy, but then again I don’t think tray mounts are considered that sporting these days.

Maybe a M60-A would be more akin? They have a good amount of customizability for things you can buy like internal weight & internal foam while still having a lot of personal customization through switch modding, stabilizer lubing, and hotswapability if you go for that PCB.

I don’t know why this random question appeared in my head on a friday. Enjoy your weekend!

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Im thinking hhkb actually. One thing about the mx5 that is also weirdly unique is that there isnt really any market competition. And as far as mass, small topre there is only hhkb. There are dozens of mx style boards small and big, light and chunky.
Also its just iconic. Even If it isnt an endgame board to most i think most people still want a hhkb in their collection.


You could put JDM stickers on both and it wouldn’t look too out of place either :laughing:

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The Ducky One 2 mini might fit the bill, even though I’d argue a Pok3r is still a better value.

I see a lot of Ducky One 2 minis or Anne Pros recommended as the intro MK board. I’d probably say that, because there’s not a whole lot of assembly involved and it still gives users the budget “clack” people want.

If it’s a question of customizability, the M60-A takes the cake. Honorable mention for MiniVans, as I swear that everyone who likes 40% boards own one.

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I don’t think the M60A would really be like the Miata, considering they cost almost as much as a cheap Miata lol…

But I’d have to agree, Anne Pro 2, or something like the GK61/64. I see tons of people on youtube, twitch, and at my work, who get those boards, and get a cheap knockoff keyset and call it a day. That’s pretty far into “building” keyboards for some of these people who don’t delve into the much more expensive custom realm. Sorta like how a TGR alice is rare, and more expensive new, but they get jacked up in price like crazy on resale… so, TGR alice is the Supra MKVI of the car world? lol

plus the knockoff keysets makes me think knockoff bbs wheels :wink: which furthers the car analogy


So, the whole design of the MX-5 Miata is based on this idea of 人馬一体, “Jinba Ittai”, which roughly translates to “rider and horse as one”.

Of the keyboards and input devices that I’ve seen, IMHO the Datahand stands alone as the expression of this idea. I don’t think @ohaimark will mind me ripping off his photo from DT.

Of course, the Datahand is an extreme of purism in this regard. It would maybe be more like the MX-5 Superlight?

Given how common MX-5’s are, and how Japanese it is, my vote is for HHKB as well.


Well, a Miata is an MX-5. So don’t we have to pick a mx style board? Feel like the HHKB is more of an M class BMW sedan, perhaps a popular M3. Realforce can be the BMW M5, etc.

Miata are also great race cars with Spec Miata being a popular race class, with chassic and suspension upgrades, but the same motor at the core.

So I like your idea of it being a tray mount with swappable component. But I feel like we have to pick the best tray mount, perhaps the best feeling one gets the award.

The keyboard market is changing pretty fast, to the point where it’s hard to say right now.

I’d go with the KBDFans Tofu, either the tray-mount version or the integrated-plate 2-piece versions. There are other “fun cheap customizable” boards out there, but they’re all limited group buys (for now).

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