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The Hyperfuse colourway somehow reminds me of 80’s printed material…

It is amazing how simple colour combinations can evoke such memories in one’s mind.


Hyperfuse isn’t that attractive in person. More like a poster girl.

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Rebuilt my Freebird TKL with some Ergo Clears and a PC Plate, using the top mount and leaving the o-ring in place (like the dual mount that’s mentioned for the Monokei Tomo occasionally). Freebird TKL uses Jane V2 CE mount points/plate design for context.

There’s a real…charm to this config that I can’t put my finger on, its got that real je ne sais quoi factor to it. Its obviously not a perfect config, the sound is pretty scratchy even with a generous coat of 3204 on the stem and rails and the smoothness could be a little bit better but I can totally see how this became the go to config for the old school builds before the rise of the Holy Pandas and other hyper tactiles. I am using TX XL 62g 18mm springs so its not exactly like the old school Ergo Clears, but I’m really fond of these longer springs with the Ergo Clears since it stays nice and bouncy without being overbearing.

It won’t replace my daily driver of a Mode Sonnet with FR4 plate and JWICK T1s (TX 60g 18mm), but its definitely a board setup I could see myself typing on for a while. Maybe one of these days if I end up building a 1800 for work I’ll use these and a PC plate with it.


I’d argue it’s actually more attractive in person. I wasn’t 100% convinced I’d like it when I ordered, but I was very pleased when it arrived. Obviously, to each their own.


(Literally) dusting-off my trusty workhorse and daily driver, a KBD67L R2 with bluetooth. I have more miles on this keyboard than any other, and in a very dusty environment.

Embrace the shine

Build details
  • Smoky translucent case
  • YD67BLE PCB w/ battery
  • Stock PC plate & silicone
  • Equalz V3 stabs in grey
  • TTC Silent Bluish White switches
  • GMK Prepress

Yeah same thing for me, HF is one of those weird sets. I was meh on Hyperfuse for years (which worked out in my favor considering how messy Oco’s GBs were for it, I think there is still people who either never got their set from the first GMK HF GB, or was never able to get the missing F8 key if they actually got their set :face_with_spiral_eyes:). Then I won a free set DCX set from Drop & decided to grab DCX Hyperfuse. Which I found much more attractive in person than I ever did looking at renders & pics of it or any of the GMK runs.

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Prepress does pop nicely on the smokey/clear case bud!

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kek. touched a nerve, didn’t I? :slight_smile:



(Didn’t you read the handbook when you started this hobby??!!)


This inspired me to create a new thread: Doubts of the Undecided

I hope it becomes a long-lasting thread hit… :dart:


I did something similar with HSA Hyperfuse when Vala Supply had their anniversary sale a few weeks ago and snagged it for 40% off. I’m not generally a fan of a purple and teal palette, but the colors work really well together.

hah not at all! Like you, I generally go for PBT specifically because I prefer the texture and lack of shine, but the consistent shine across all these caps certainly has appealed to me this time. :slight_smile:


Brutal v2 65 rebuilt with FR4 full plate and CXA


Swapped cases on my GH80 build. Gonna have to change the caps next. Thinking Hineybeige or OGs for this one.


DCS Vert looks nice on a white board.
Here on my Manta75.


The sublegends are very silly :crazy_face:


The reason why I bought this set :smiley:
Also have the 10u spacebar for maximum meme in the future:p


Another rescued NightFox - I picked up a handful of these with the intention of customizing them for the myriad of printing equipment I operate, each piece of which has at least one computer tied to it.

This one’s actually more of a mockup, a mixture of the parts that will end up in this role and a PCB-sandwich that was ready to use. There are TTC Ace switches installed, but the final will have something inexpensive with a black housing - ideally something with an above average dust resistance, even for MX switches.

This is a “nothing fancy” build to be sure, primarily wearing an Artifact Shield keyset from Drop - but it still has a fun detail or two.

  • Riser feet removed and replaced with rubber ones for a nearly flat angle; this board is used on an already angled surface

  • CMY accent caps from GMK Prepress

  • Plate modded for “Aria” layout and PCB-mount stabilizers

  • Stock case screws replaced with torx ones from my pool of spare KBD67 Lite parts

  • “Burger” o-rings on the case screws, above and below the plate; not a ton of compression but does wonders for harshness, ping, hotspots

  • Good ol’ PE foam on either side of the PCB


No tape mod?

Switch: The Roselle switches are a truly innovative switch manufactured by BSUN.
Keycaps: MXRSKEY RETRO GREEK KEYCAP (Thick PBT \ Cherry profile \ Dye sublimation)