What is on your desk today?

More fun than the average clear cap! And what a perfect artisan to pair with them. brb, gotta go play some BG3 :octopus:


Oh that’s cool! I’ve always wondered how to do that but that makes sense.
Thanks for the pics :smiley:

Got my Neo65 over the weekend and dove right in:

I don’t really have any good photos yet, but it’s a great looking case. The purple is much warmer than I expected, nearly burgundy - so I decided to pair it with Voir rather than Phantom, which I’d originally gotten it for. Now it just needs a matching plate. I wonder if I can cut one of the keyset case lids into one…

I don’t know that I love the look of the polycarb plate with all the other dark and warm colors, but I do love the sound it makes.

I decided to use Hyacinth V2s, and man is this thing a clacky pop-monster:

Some initial thoughts

I got the tri-mode PCB mostly out of curiosity; I’ve had a few tri-mode keyboards, but most of them have been plastic and none of them look much like a serious custom. This, though - it’s understated, weighty, and talks to my phone. I haven’t tried the dongle yet, but the bluetooth works perfectly.

Just trying it out tonight but I’m very impressed so far - seems like yet another very solid affordable keyboard. The sound reminds me a bit of the Envoy; though with the brass weight this is substantially more heavy, and the edges and surfaces alike have a more clean and precise look. There’s no accent on the back, but there is the weight on the bottom.

Speaking of which - while the two screws don’t have any trouble keeping the weight attached, it can clang a bit when setting the keyboard down. I was able to mitigate this by using leftover bits of the PCB foam sheet the guide recommends cutting-out for the stabs as “force break” pads between the case and weight - seems nice and solid now.

It’s bonkers this thing starts at $80. I went for a polished gold weight thinking this was more of a dark indigo that would match Phantom, and added a polycarb plate and tri-mode PCB with batteries, so mine was closer to the most expensive permutation at $125 minus switches and caps. Stabs are included either way, and they’re totally decent.

Unless something really weird about this jumps out at me in the next few days, I’m going to say this kit is a fantastic value with plenty of great options in the form of three PCBs, five plates, and two mounting styles - all for around the same price as plastic “entry” keyboards used to cost just a couple years ago. I dig it.


Hi, what‘s the keycap set? looks pretty good like tofu :grinning:

I’m loving my Bolsalice, it’s nice to mix up the layout a bit more than 65 vs 75 vs TKL haha. This is also the only keyboard that I use tactile switches in.


Absolutely LOVE mine! I have a second one on the way just to try out some alternative configs and weight finishing techniques I have been thinking about.

My only gripe is the ribbon cable/daughterboard implementation. While I like that they were looking to change things up from the “tried and true” JST connection, the length of the cable means that you have to remove the weight each time you wish to make changes to the PCB. While it’s only two screws, it could’ve been mitigated with a longer cable, but that’s honestly me being VERY picky.

QK has been seemingly batting 1.000 with their Neo line as the Neo70 has easily been the board I reach for the most when I just can’t decide between my other Desk Darlings. Also, it’s easily the board I would recommend the most for folks getting into the hobby and wanting to build a quality board for cheap w/o fear of messing anything up.

My current config for my Neo 65 is with the rear case foam only, CF plate, Cherry clip-in stabs, and broken-in MX Purples . I have a 30A durometer o-ring on it and feel like it’s perfect for this setup.

I have foam and silicone cut-outs to fill the battery cutouts, but aside from that no other non-stock mods.

This setup under ABS is on the quieter side, but the Cherry scratch is pretty pronounced. I have a Sarokeys BCP under the space bar and it is definitely the way to go in this spec.

I’m so happy to hear more people discovering how great these “cheap” boards are! :+1::+1:

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Just picked up this origami set off discord mechmarket. I swear I have way too many keycaps, but boy am I enjoying these. This hobby is like cars–“if you don’t look back after you park it then you bought the wrong car.” That and it’s also $$$ lol

ePBT Origami
Akko V3 Cream Blue Pros
Tofu Redux
(custom pcb)


Looks great man! Wish I had picked one up while they had them still in stock & on sale. I added & removed it from my cart like 15 times but decided against grabbing one. Pics like this making me second think that decision!


MDA looks so good on the Fjell. You can kill someone with this case…


I like how you disguised the spot where you had to join the halves as part of the slash motif - clever!

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Thanks. While complete concealment wasn’t really the goal, and the little gap is the teensiest bit annoying, I did like how it made everything just a touch more intentional. This has been an interesting board to type on. The biggest issue for me, as a “spider dancer” typist using 7-9 fingers, is that my brain doesn’t want to believe my left hand is in the right spot and has the modifiers it needs. I may also devote three keys to spacebar, as my thumb is landing on L-Alt some during WASD gaming sessions.

Cycle7 so worth the hype. Cant believe how marbly it sounds with the foam. The 7u spacebar sounds so good I can’t get over it

JTK Ride
Akko v3 Cream Blacks


Wish we could get a good doubleshot black on red set. This cheap aliexpress set was the only one I could find. Legends are a tiny bit fuzzy and caps are thin. At least it’s super red.


Domikey’s Candle Dragon is the set that I’m hoping will eventually come to the western market. @Neprawda has a set. It’s lovely.


I hope this isn’t too off-topic for the thread but this reminded me of something I’d almost forgotten about, but that was pretty instrumental in getting me fixated on this hobby.

A chicken-walk about stuff outside the Western market and how it captured my fancy

To put it in context, I was exploring the heady dilemmas of “Filco or Ducky?” and “Cherry MX Blue or Brown?” just a few months before. Hats-off to @Manofinterests for helping me decide Which Switch before that was trendy

I had a Ducky One and loved it - except for the fact my thumb naturally rested on a part of the case that would squeak when I unconsciously moved it. Squeak. Creak. Eek.

What if my keyboard case were made of metal? I thought. Sidestepping a whole other rabbit-hole and a half for a minute, I eventually saw a post of what I thought at the time to be the coolest looking keyboard I’d ever seen. It was a Filco with a custom aluminum top shell made by a group called XiKii. That’s it! I thought. That’s my endgame!

I was hilariously wrong, of course - and that project still hasn’t actually happened seven years later - but I did get my hands on one of those Chinese-local-market top shells, and that whole process was so unexpectedly engaging and fascinating that I’ve been here messing with keyboards ever since.

I don’t think I’ll ever have to hire a proxy to get a keyboard again - but who knows - there are now and will be lots of incredibly cool projects you can’t just buy from your desk in Anytown USA.

It’s also true the whole reason I joined this forum in the first place was to try and learn more about Archon Art Box switches, which at the time also weren’t available directly to Western consumers being exclusive to the Korean market. They showed up not too much later on a website selling Korean stuff to Westerners.

Archon’s version of the BOX switch on the right, featuring a more tapered housing that avoids the R3/N interference. This housing shape is now standard on BOX switches with the circular stem shroud, but to this day Archon’s Art series is the only square-stemmed set of BOX switches to have this feature.

At the time, I’m pretty sure this was the only commercial switch on the market that 100% avoided the R3 Cherry / North-facing interference issue - which itself was a real pitfall at the time and wasn’t as widely known about as it is today. Additonal hats-off to :3ildcat for elucidating that whole thing for me.

Learning that there was this one obscure line of switches only available in Korea that avoided this really annoying thing my keyboard was doing… well it was interesting as heck.

The whole landscape has changed so much since then, and what’s keeping me interested these days is completely different - but it’s fun to think about what initially grabbed my interest back then and showed me just how deep those keyboard rabbit holes can be.

Now, finding a metal case is trivial, and finding a switch that will fit in your hot-swap gamer keeb and not collide with your GMK keycaps on it is pretty easy, too - leaving all the more room for enjoyment and expression in the space.


Ohhh I hadn’t heard of that. Looks great, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it!


Hahaha Nice! I stand corrected. What keycaps are those?

which ones exactly? :question:

Either? Both?