What is on your desk today?


oof, KT has excellent taste in mouses :ok_hand:


Dear God, get some help LOL


@Gouty Thanks.
Well, I think my controller should work with mechanical keyboards too. I wrote some more info on this in my other topic for firmware here.
I never had any mechanical keyboard or enough switches to test and I’m simply not interested in any. Far too expensive for my taste and they can never be so soft and light as my modifications, basically limited by foil.
Yes, they surely are great if you want your own layout. It’d be far more complicated to do with foil and scissor keys. I am more interested in capacitive touch keyboards, but didn’t try anything yet.

About mouse, I added new teflon sliders, so it glides smooth. I always just use 2 opposite fingers, not whole hand to move mouse anyway, so I don’t have any issues with it. I like it a lot more now, since it’s really light, I don’t feel like moving a rock. And I got a wrist rest spanning across keyboard and mouse.


My current laptop setup at work:

YMDK 40 with Razer greens spring swapped to 80g springs, cheap ABS caps and some grab bag caps. Teal switch LEDs and blue underglow.


Ergodox Infinity with Gateron Greens, Logitech G502 Proteus Core, diy Munny speakers, and of course a fountain pen and fancy paper for some old-school note taking and creative writing.


good choise man,

what fountain pens do you usually use?

KMK Labs.


Something new today!


A Meme! What’s your badge say?


Use BLE40 today,with the unknown name keycaps similar like SP DSA profile.


my planck (very first build) with box browns. patiently waiting for Helix kit to arrive.


My wife’s parent’s dog.


Can I ask where you got those keycaps? I’m very interested in them. Were they a custom set from someone?


Looks like XDA Milestone alphas with XDA Godspeed icon mods and some milestone novelties crosses fingers for confirmation


It‘s not XDA,this keycaps’ top area are little bigger than DSA,but smaller than XDA,I bought it from Taobao.


What kind of standing desk is that, and do you recommend one?


It’s a Jarvis bamboo standing desk. I like it a lot because I have three heights stored for sitting, kneeling in my chair, and standing. I adjust it fairly frequently, and it helps my back pain.

I’d recommend the electric base without a doubt, but I’m iffy about the desk top because it was quite expensive, but just a flat slab of wood with no storage or any other features.


my #kbotd


How do the Razer switches feel in a different board? Does the spring swap do much for them?


The 80g spring swap seems to have put them close in feel to cherry greens for me. Still a bit higher pitched, I think, than my actual greens, but that could be this case and caps too.

Since they’re clicky, there was no lubing that I did, but I like them. it gives me the click and I bought around 200 of them for a really good price. I’d say the spring swap makes them better, but I prefer the heavier force of greens over blues normally.

All in all, I’d say they’re on par or close to the greens and clones I’ve tried out.


Is there any way you can link the Taobao listing? I have been looking for legends like that for a loooong time.