What is on your desk today?



Looks like it’s not, but I really hope that there’s a link for those. I have been looking for Aurebesh legend sets and I’m sad I missed that one.


Here’s the taobao page for milestone. If you’re patient and lucky it comes up on mechmarket from time to time. You may not be able to get the color you want though. There were several options for sublegend colors in the original buy. Hopefully that other guy links what he bought for you. Best of luck on the search!


Switched to the minivan this morning. Box pale blues, dsa honewell.


issa beaut


You even fixed the gaps!


nope! the other other tv44 that I have


I didn’t even know you had a second one! :joy:


I may or may not have 3


Thanks for the link. I was looking at that a little earlier. I didn’t realize there were so many colors. I have a feeling most of the aurebesh legend ones won’t come up for sale. Maybe, but we’ll see.

I do hope that he links the ones he bought. I’d find a proxy and buy from Taobao quickly if the link is good. There’s plenty of modifiers and stuff that’s XDA on aliexpress if I wanted to change that up.

As for sublegend color, I think I could work with anything except for the red (not my color at all), but I won’t be picky either.

I might also have to look up that person who was doing custom dye-sub one offs as an alternative. That way I could get whatever I wanted on mine.

edit: I can always hope for a round two also and then spend way too much on keycaps buying multiple milestone alpha sets.


I ended up getting 4 badges;

1 meme, 1 top clack, and 2 other random badges


I also have a gherkin that I did up with what I like to call TTCser switches.

TTC clickies with the stems swapped for razer(reser) green stems. A bit lighter than the heavy reser greens, but still nice to type on. That one has DSA from grab bags on it. See: pic below.


testing out the Minivan today.


I’ve been rocking this setup at work for a hot sec, I’m pretty happy with it.


That keycaps combo makes me want to take out my WhiteFox. Really sweet setup




That’s so clean looking, tell us more! What switches? What PCB? Does it have a plate? How’d you mount the USB port to the case? Did you use the original lock light LED breakout or wire a new one?


How did you get this working on a normal PC, assuming it is.


I managed to track down a connector box and one of the necessary cables.