What is your favorite budget board case?

I’m looking for a simple, clean, aluminum, 60% daily driver-type case that will work with BM60 or similar PCBs (like the Keebox Y&R6095 mentioned the other day) that I can use for testing. Mostly, I’m looking for an easy to dis/assemble case that I can use for case dampening experiments and for testing out new switches, plates, stabs, etc. without worrying about nicking the finish on a $400 GB board.

I feel like the obvious option is the Tofu 60. I was also looking at the Poseidon PSD60 and the Blade 60. I was also considering the LM60 case, but I found the available colors to be a bit typical/boring. I’d like to keep the budget for the case around $100ish or less.

What cases should I be considering? Does anyone have any favorite test bed cases to recommend? Am I going down a path with a lot of pitfalls that I’m too naive to notice?


If bakeneko is budget enough I would say it’s the easiest keeb to disassemble.


I also think that the Bakeneko is a solid option, but it being o-ring mounted limits a few things, such as the force break mod, screw-in stabs, and dependency on PCBs that have the o-ring cutouts.

Maybe the Klippe T? Maybe you can find it on mech market for less than 100 bucks.


I completely forgot about that one; thanks for the reminder! Do you know if there are a good number of different PCBs that would fit the case? Or is it basically required that I use the PCB that ships with it? I’d like to try out some different PCBs for split-space and other layouts in the future.

Klippe T is new to me, but is definitely on my short list now. I love that the center standoffs can be removed for a flexible build. Thanks!

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I absolutely, positivity, and unequivocally without doubt or hesitation second the $#@! out of this suggestion. Klippe T forever #1. Lol. Also, the Freebird60 ain’t too shabby, but I’d recommend using their own PCB/plates. Since it’s an o-ring mount, the PCB sits really low in the case so if you have keycaps with wonky R4 shrinkage, this helps cover that up for sure.


I think my favorite non-precious inexpensive 60% case is the BBOX60; it’s like a snap-together model kit:

It’s been made in a bunch of colors but this one seems like the easiest to find. That said it is tray mount, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to fully take advantage of those flex cuts with it.

A case like this can be good for evaluating switches, though, because it tends to be pretty loud - making any rough elements of switches a bit easier to pick out.

Example; here are two recordings of TTC Frozen Silent switches, the first in a Portico with the silicone installed, and the second in a BBOX60 with an alu plate:


Klippe feels too expensive for for this topic tho…

When it comes to PCB’s for the Bakeneko it takes all standard 60% that supports dotter-boards.


I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for this one after that glowing recommendation! hah It seems like the red version is still available new, but the price plus shipping bring it up to $176…

Unfortunately, I think this may be the situation. Not sure if prices inflated or just bad timing, but all of the secondhand options appear to be a bit out of the scope for me on this project.

Freebird60 is new to me as well and looks like a very solid possibility. Any reason in particular that you recommend using that PCB over other options?

I was aiming for an aluminum case, but the price/style on this one is very tempting. I’ve never seen this style of assembly on a keyboard case, so that’s kind of fascinating just on its own. Very cool kit! On a side note, I clicked the Aliexpress link and immediately thought, “If I go this route, I have to get those Melgeek brown horse something or other keycaps” only to scroll down and see the thumbnail on your SoundCloud link. :slight_smile:


You’re right. Good call. I just love that case. Then I’d have to go with that LM60.

I think this one might be a decent contender.

The dz60rgb had a tab bit too much space on the right side which made the look of R1 off-centered. I just think their case tolerance is just super tight and really meant for their specific PCB.

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That’s good to know and I appreciate the heads-up on that. The Freebird60 is looking like a very strong contender. At $77 for the case, it’s perfect, but now I’m debating if I want to blow through my original budget and plan and get the full kit for $150…

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TAD BIT. Sorry, “tab bit” makes no sense. Lol.

If I’m being totally honest, and with all due respect to KFA – I don’t think I’d buy this kit again. IMO the case feet are super cheap and way too firm. They’re also somewhat proprietary, meaning I can’t find them for individual sale anywhere, and KFA doesn’t sell them separately. The ones I got had very little adhesive, so an Elmer’s glue stick came in handy. The included case doesn’t offer much protection. It’s just sorta cheap and gets dirty way too easily. I do think the anodizing is great and does sport the best kind of stand-off layout for tray mounts.

I think the Bakeneko60 might be the best bet for that budget, or the LM60 if you want to tryout different left-aligned PCBs. They got a ton now that are either BT and/or flexcut galore.

I went back to read your original post three times before I realized the tab/tad typo, even after you pointed it out in your follow up comment. My brain auto-corrected it to “tad.” :sweat_smile:

It’s always interesting to see the things that get overlooked on some projects, like glue that sticks well. Could you clarify what you meant by “The included case doesn’t offer much protection. It’s just sorta cheap and gets dirty way too easily.” It sounds like the finish is pretty nice from what I’ve seen and what you wrote?

It seems like the LM60 has added nearly $30 for shipping, which is a little frustrating on a $100 case. :confused:

What are your thoughts on the Baka60 case? I noticed the case is on sale for $50 and doesn’t have the middle standoffs like the Klippe and Freebird60. I stumbled on that case and then searched this site and found your old comment about it. Do you think the case is worthwhile at that price point or better to go with the Freebird60 or Tofu instead, if I go tray mount?

My fault, I mean the blue branded carrying case. It’s one of those things that you’d gladly pay a bit more for IF it was better constructed.

The Baka60 looks cool. It’s not really my particular aesthetic, but an interesting case for sure.

If you don’t already have a Tofu, I’d go with that. There’s about a billion mods for it now. If not, what about the Keychron Q4?

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Ah. Got it. At some point, I need to figure out storage solutions for my boards…

The Baka60’s primary feature is it’s very inexpensive, but I’m not a huge fan of the style either. It reminds me of a very slightly higher profile GK64x aluminum case (my first board). The GK64x is a bit lower profile, so switches aren’t hidden at all really.

I don’t have a Tofu, so I may still go that route. I do like the overall fit and finish and style of the Freebird60, so I may gamble to see how well the BM60 PCB (and plate and plate foam) I have will fit.

I’m not crazy about the Keychron boards; nothing against them in particular, just not looking specifically for a full kit right now.

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Ended up ordering the Freebird60 since it doesn’t have the center standoffs and the finish looks a bit sharper than the Tofu for about the same price. I’m putting the B-Box 60 and the Klippe T (if it ever comes back in stock/drops in price) on my short list of cases to try out at some point. And someday, I’ll probably order that Tofu for some sort of project.

Thank you to everyone on this thread for a ton of great recommendations!

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