What is your favorite keycap profile?

Hello there. I’m curious to know the community’s preferred keycap profiles. Each one of us has our own preferences. I’ve only tried OEM and Filco SA so far and I really love SA. It’s tall and beautiful to look at. It makes the sound of switches somehow better especially Navies. Can’t go back to OEM or be interested in low profile anymore. As much as I love my Navy/White Filco SA caps, I want to try fully sculpted someday especially the upcoming MT3 and DSS profiles. So what is yours and tell us your reasons.

  • SA (sculpted and/or semi-sculpted Filco style R2 and R3)
  • SA (uniform R3)
  • Cherry
  • OEM
  • DSA
  • DCS
  • XDA
  • Other (specify:____)

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cherry is an excellent all-rounder, but i desperately want blank black mt3 caps as soon as possible. dsa also deserves an honourable mention for being an excellent choice on custom and non-standard boards.

It truly depends on the switch and the board. But in general, Cherry profile seems most well rounded.

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DSA because I like how it looks

XDA is my favorite aesthetically but I hate typing on it. :frowning:

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I have to say DSA for looks and compatibility - I am also a fan of cherry though. Honestly the profile doesn’t matter that much to me in terms of comfort - I’m probably just weird as usual.


It’s a draw for me between Cherry and DSA. Love the uniformity of DSA but there is something special about Cherry that makes me switch between both constantly without a clear favorite

Cherry all the damn way.

I’d have to go with DSA if it wasn’t available. I haven’t tried XDA/DCS though.

I generally prefer cherry, but there are few boards that I have that just feel “right” with aflat profile like DSA or XDA. Of those I prefer the feel of XDA, but DSA has a lot more variety.

MT3 profile all the way. It’s everything SA should be, but isn’t. It’s an absolute joy to type on, and I don’t care about pretty pictures. Everyone should try it, and I do my best to proselytize at meetups.

Sorry, I have strong feelings.

Otherwise, Cherry profile is jim dandy and is probably best for wobbly switches.

cherry is the only profile

For typing comfort, Cherry. But for looks, sculpted SA is amazing.

Agreed, Cherry for use, SA for looks. I like the feel of SA too, but just prefer Cherry when typing. When at rest, SA feels better, but, keyboards are for typing, not resting :wink:

Cherry and then DSA for the awesome compatibility

I grabbed a set of SA Oblivion and love the style and colors of the set, but I hate how SA looks on floating-switch boards. I’m using the set as an excuse to pick up another board with a higher profile case :slight_smile:

Love Cherry though, it looks great on just about everything.

Oh no. I clicked the wrong button. Can I change my answer. DCS is deffo not my fave profile. Though I tend to like most profiles.

Whole series of new profiles being introduced recently (Mix, Hub, KAT/KAM) – and Vortex just teased a new profile for an upcoming board …

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Where can I get my hands on it though? I want to try MT3 badly but it looks like it’s only available at MD and the drop is already done. Seems like one has to wait a very long time to be able to get it.

I love the feel of DSA.

There will be another drop, you can bet on it. I’m sure MD wants to recoup their tooling and molding costs as soon as possible. I’m hoping the MT3 becomes a standard with enough rounds. It’d be great if MD kept it semi-permanently in stock, like some of the other MD branded gear.