What is your favorite or most desired keycap set and why?

Hey everyone, Pop here. What is your favorite/most desired keycap set and why?


Good question! I’m gonna pull a me and give a long, multi-pronged answer.

When I’d only seen them in pictures (or more likely renders), this was easily SA 1965 & Chocolatier for me. I think I may have just gotten a basic mech, but this image is what pulled me into the hobby proper:

SA 1965 on a Kira, before either existed. Keyboards can look like THAT? I thought to myself…

A few moons later I had the sets in-hand and was a bit underwhelmed with the color and surface qualities compared with the renders, but my mind had been opened when it comes to the keebverse, so I’m still glad I picked them up.

I’d say the set that I admire the most in photos so far is GMK Phantom; I just love the colors. I just bought it from a fellow keebtalker, so we’ll see if it looks in person how I see it in my mind.

Two more I’ll mention, not just because I love the designs, but because I consider them totally successful in meeting my own expectations when it comes to color and quality:

  • GMK Prepress - it’s basically perfect. It’s themed after my career and nails the aesthetic.

  • GMK Mecha 0-1 - also basically perfect, with an added nod for nailing colors so rich and intense; this is the most vibrant, eye-catching set I’ve ever seen, and it looks every bit as striking in-person as it does in the renders. 10/10

Both sets had very minor QC issues; a missing or duplicated key here, a small scuff there, but on the whole are quite well made. They look, sound, and feel fantastic - and most importantly, give me that nice little dopamine boost every time I look at and/or use them.

I also have to give a nod to at least one MT3 set, because that profile is for me what I’d initially hoped SA would be when I first started - and so far I think my favorites have to be the OG Susuwatari and the fantastically rad Cyber. They look and feel amazing, and I don’t think I’d change a thing about them.


GMK Perestroika with 40s and Latin alphas is my greatest desire.

After that I wish for Sixes, Nines and Nautilus Nightmare (all with 40s ofc)


My two favorites have always been DCS the bro set and DSA Deep Space (looks wise). Funny enough I ended up trading my DSA Deep Space kit for a GMK Deep Space kit because I hate the profile of DSA. I still think the DSA kit looks nicer though.

Regardless, I think both sets are super unique and quite rare as well. Being a massive fan of purple, these two kits are just my absolute favorites.


Really not sure. I really like the aesthetic of GMK Deep Navy, but think that’s changing. Starting to accept more vibrant and stand out colors.


GMK BOW and GMK Stormtrooper

All white keycap sets just get me, and there’s a surprising dearth of them.

Deep Navy is one of my favorites too


Those BOW sets eventually go make me go broke :sweat_smile:


I actually think PBT Notion is one of the best looking keycap sets I own. The colors are perfectly balanced to my eyes. I also love GMK Space Cadet. The blue is quite nice.


This^, jtk night sakura, and kam wraith

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SA or MT3 Black on White are easily my favorite overall.

But I really have to give a nod to SA Godspeed for being a set that really works well and even though the uses for it might not be as universal as BOW, it’s so good looking.


I think I have to go with Miami Nights. Just something about the color combo is just so right to me. It’s subtle but distinct. I’ll likely try to pick up the Domikey version at some point since the GMK version is bordering on unobtanium.


GMK Midnight Rainbow for sure. I don’t know what exactly it is that intrigues me about it but I think its the only GMK set I would consider buying aftermarket. I recently saw a clone of it in pbt but the colors just don’t look as good and it doesn’t make me feel the same way.

I also like Miami Nights for similar color-on-black goodness!


GMK Camping has always been my favorite. I’ve always loved camping and being able to tie my two favorite hobbies together on my desk just brings me a lot of joy :smile:. All of the novelty keys from R1 are just perfect. With that said, the off-white alphas don’t really evoke the feeling of camping for me so I typically have them swapped out for the more tan alphas from GMK Coniferous.


The most special in my heart is GMK Soware. It came out at the same time I was getting into customs. I’m a sucker for multicolored mods because it’s unique without going over the top. Plus the history is interesting, and I was also obsessed with Wyse at the same time…

I can’t find any real story about it anymore though. From memory, OTD tried to make a DCS Wyse replica with SP. Some colors got messed up through bad communication or color matching, mainly light blue instead a very dark navy, so we got “Sorry Wyse Replica” i.e. SoWaRe.

Over time this failed set developed a life of its own and probably became more popular than the original idea. GMK rerun really polished it up.
Hilariously SA SoWaRe aka Chronicler later had more color issues with SP and made the alpha blue lighter once again.

I dream of DCS SoWaRe + blue Mira and SA Chronicler + Mech27, but I haven’t found them at all/at the right price


I like the GMK TA 90 :slight_smile:


The 2 sets that I have on some of my boards: GMK VOC and GMK Lunar.
But I change mind often :wink:

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For me it changes based on the board I have ordered and am trying to put together. I just preordered an Iron165 in graphite with a copper weight and badge. So, right now I am desiring GMK Copper.

My first board was a Aztec Teal Honeyboard 60%, so at that time I was in love with GMK Pulse.

I guess I don’t have one set that I live in all situations yet. I have GMK Noire coming and it is versatile so that may become my favourite just because I can use it in multiple different builds.


That set looks so good on the board in the photo! It looks like an vintage Apple, but I’m not sure.

GMK Metaverse is the perfect set for me.