What Lube/Lubes Does Everyone?

I was wondering what lubes everyone is using and why they use that lube over other popular lubes, this includes stabilizer lube, switch lube, and spring lube (which i guess is spring lube?)
Personally I just use the good old 205g0 for switches (both linear and tactile) and also 205g0 for the spring, along with dielectric for my stab wire and 205g0 for the housing


KY. Oh wait…


What do you mean KY I don’t remember that lu- ohhh, I think we are thinking of 2 different things

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I’m using 205g0 on stabs and 3203g0 on tactile switches.


Pretty much only Krytox 205g0. Tried the XHT-BDZ on stabs…not convinced by them. I need to try it a few more times to make a slightly better opinion on it.

I tried 3ildcat’s Krytox 205g0+105g0 mix which seemed good too…Just been lazy to keep doing that.


I use Super Lube 21030 for stabilizer wire, Super Lube 51004 for springs, and Tribosys 3204 for stabilizer housing as well as linear and tactile switches. When the 3204 runs out, I’ll probably mix the 21030 and 51004 to try to get it at a similar consistency as the 3204, then use that on whatever I was using the 3204 on. For the reason why, well, I already have it on hand so I’d want to try it out.


I’ve tried just about every lube out there that has become popular for keyboards. From Superlube & Krytox mixes to Christolube & high grade Krytox formulas. After messing around I’ve narrowed my favorite lubes down to these ones,
Linear switches - Krytox 205g00, Krytox 205g0, Carbon GS2
Tactile switches - Tribosys 3204, Tribosys 3203, Carbon GS1, Krytox 205g00
Stabilizers - 205g0 for plastic on plastic then Krytox XHT-BDZ for wires

Although TBH, if you don’t want to buy a bunch of different lubes & are just looking for an all rounder Krytox 205g0 can’t be beat. If I had to pick just one lube to use on switches & stabs for the rest of time I’d pick 205g0 for sure!


I tried XHT-BDZ for the first time this evening. First impressions are good.

I used it on the wires of the KBDFans polycarb stabs, applying a modest layer (not a glob) on them. The light ticking they had before (when lubed with just 205g0) is now gone. It remains to be seen how long this lasts… but so far that’s the least amount of effort I’ve ever put into removing tick from a keyboard.


I mix alot, but mainly 203g0 & 204g0 for switches, 205g0 for plastic against plastic on stabs and for the wire I have recently made a mix containing 206g0+GPL105+Super Lube dialekticgreese


What’s that mix like? I’ve thought about using :3ildcat’s mix, and I’ve tried one or two of Gazzew’s mixes, but that’s about it.

As for the XHT-BDZ, I’ve gotten some very slight ticking coming back in the spacebar - but it’s still a lot better than it was before. It took the sound from a “C-” to a “B”, and given it only took me a few minutes, I’d call that very worth it. The other stabilized keys sound nearly perfect; “A-” at worst… I’m almost giddy about that - they were easily a “D” before.

Still polishing my stab tuning technique - but I can safely say that keynut butter can be a useful tool for the process.


Well, I’ve only done three builds with it with C3v3 stabs but they have all turned out great. Can’t really say anything about the long-term of it tho…
But I believe that a straight wire is the most important thing to get a good stab.

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On the topic of wire-straightening - what tools have you used? I’ve seen :3ildcat use those syringe things. I’ve tried small pliers so far, but I tend to make things worse rather than better with those. I’ve wondered it rubber-tipped ones might be helpful - what works for you?

I guess luck have worked so far, but I wanna try one of these to see if it would do the trick easy.

  • 205g0 on linear housings

  • 3203 on tactile housings

  • Hoppes No9 on springs

  • 205g0 on stabs

Hope that helps!


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I use super lube for stabs and i also used it for switches but i didn’t like it as much as i thought i would in the switches. I don’t think it’s actual brand “superlube” but it works well enough and it was cheap. link if anyone’s interested. Easy threed super lube Gear grease For 3d printer Reduce noise Good lubrication effect Lubricating Oil|3D Printer Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress


Is it boomer of me to say I miss using oils?

I mostly use 3204, 3203, 205g0 for most my switch lubing needs.

Yeah I should go back to oils on a few boards. Relive the good ol’ days


Nope. I’ve been toying with using them more often with some of what’s in my collection. Any candidates that you’re thinking you’ll try them on?

To answer the original question, I keep 3203, 3204, 205g0, and 105 in my regular selection. I think they all have their place - 3203 and 3204 I find to be slightly more finicky to work with than 205 but is still relatively approachable. I also find that they have the least influence on the sound of a switch, whereas 205 will almost always lower the sound profile. It’s great for taking a good budget switch like a Gateron milky and making it really, really good.

For springs, I’ve used both 105 and Gazzew’s “donut dip” method and found them both to be pretty effective. I’d still like to do a side-by-side with a couple of crunchy springs to see if there’s a clear difference between the two.

I lubed one of my boards with a generous amount of 105, and I can see what you mean. Give the oil’s a chance again, it worked well for me

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I’m really not a fan of it. Been using it a bunch and it just doesn’t do it for me. Krytox 205g0 works well and seems to last longer for me.
Today I swapped away from my Kara back to my KBD75v2 which has the better turned stabs. I gotta buy some more Krytox 205g0 though as I’m almost out! (and now have an extra unopened container of XHT-BDZ).

I’ll have to redo my Kara again with Krytox grease instead x_x

If anyone wants to buy this unopened XHT-BDZ, I’d sell it at 15$, shipping included, CONUS. I bought it from Spaceholdings


This is my go-to method for switches and Nyogel for stabbies. Its viscosity is so strange, it’s best applied using a syringe. I’ve ruined a few brushes learning that.