What mouse do you use?

I used a modded G604. This is an upgrade for me from the G602 and previous the G700. And I have 3 extra G604 on hand as spares. My workflow is dependent on the 4 side buttons and two top buttons.

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Logitech has got to get their naming scheme under control :rofl:

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Shape is good, clicks like shit. I would get the Superlight but I hear it has the same problems.

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I actually have a model O and am super happy with it.

For schoolwork/browsing:

For games:

I developed RSI in my right hand this past year so I’m predominantly a lefty now (unless I’m killing demons/zombies/what have you).


Same situation with me. I am a mouse+trackball user.

I have two stations in my home office. Sitdown desk for my personal pc, and standing desk for work.

My standing desk situation is Kensington Slimblade for my left hand, and Logitech MX Master v1 for my right. I distribute the work between the two, and it has done wonders in relieving the RSI I developed in my right hand.

My personal pc desk is the same situation - Slimblade on the left, but MX Master 3 on the right. I also have a G502 that I’ll swap in for FPS games.


Sounds about right! I used the slimblade after sustaining an injury a couple years back, but parted ways with it afterward. I miss it! But it wasn’t in the budget this year.

Trackball for right hand and ordered a BNR1 rotary for left. I don’t do CAD so no need for 3Dconnexion or similar.

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Glorious Model D - (minus)

I’ve used a lot of mice in my life. They keep getting better. I recently took the dive into the world of ultra light mice and I like it! :+1:

I’m might switch to the Glorious Model O Wireless next as I heard the wireless sensor is top notch.

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I have the Logitech superlight x thing and I actually like it way more than I thought I would.

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At home I just started using this Razer Pro Click and I really like it so far. It’s wireless, not too light, and feels really good in my hands.

At work, I give less F’s, and I just have a run-of-the-mill Logitech wireless mouse of some stripe.


I still use ball mice - mostly a logitech wireless. I like the extra weight and inertia from that heavy ball.

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For a second I thought you meant one of these:


Flashbacks of cleaning ancient used mouses

I’m guessing it’s more like this, though:


Oh man, digging out the hand cheese, belly button lint, and hair was always a treat. I also remember using an eraser on the ball to clean it all off.

I don’t miss that at all on reflection.

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Even mx ergo is a pain in the butt I end up cleaning the ball and inside once or twice a week

LOL - nope you were right the first time!
I find optical mice too lightweight - I like to have that extra weight and inertia from the ball.
The most important aspect of keeping them clean, I think, is simply to use a hard-top mousepad. Too bad they’re not so easy to find.

(As for trackballs, I seem to lack the dexterity in my thumb that’s needed to use those - which might also explain why my handwriting’s so bad!)


Got to my desk and realized my trackball needed cleaning. I used Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax, a water-based spray cleaner/wax, for the ball. Then did WD-40 to q-tip for contact points. Great results, as always.

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Start using Mx ergo + Wrist pad and I will never return to normal mouse (even thought I miss the infinite scroll function sometimes)


Lovely use of color there.

Choose your weapon, TrackPoint, TrackBall, the Pen for my pen display, and a G Pro. :wink: